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Encourage Closeness by Gifting a Personalised Photo Mug

It is not a bad idea to gift someone you love and admire with the personalised mugs. You can opt from plenty of designs in photo mugs and magic mugs that perfectly suits the occasion! The photo mugs and magic mugs can also be customised with a logo or a personal message printed on mugs.

Mug Type:
Select Color:
White Photo Mugs
Black Photo Mugs +£1.49
Red Photo Mugs +£1.49
Green Photo Mugs +£1.49
Yellow Photo Mugs +£1.49
Blue Photo Mugs +£1.49
Brown Photo Mugs +£1.49
Pink Photo Mugs +£1.49
Black Photo Mugs £10.49


Create a Custom Photo Mug

Design a Photo Mug in 4 Steps!

With just a few clicks, get a sturdy and a classic photo mug for yourself!
  • Upload


    Get to upload photos from anywhere you wish and in most acceptable photo formats.

  • Colour


    We have a total of eight colours for you to make a match with your photos.

  • Layout


    From one to four photos, make a layout that fits your mug's look.

  • Add Text

    Add Text

    Get a chance to add optional text or graphics to make your photo mug cooler.

Make Your Crockery Space More Elegant With Photo Mugs

We have photo magic mugs too!

Magic Mug

Magic Mugs

Some of the touchy stories of life sometimes take place at a coffee table, leaving a lifetime memory behind. And the story can have a unique symbol too - a customised photo magic mug. The unique feature of the magic mug makes the photograph appear when the temperature rises inside the cup from the liquid. As and when you pour in some hot substance into it, you will find the magic in the form of the photograph emerging.

Create Your Mug

Outstanding Quality Photo Mugs from CanvasChamp

Here are the exact details of it

High-Quality Photo Mugs

Material: Ceramic

Size: 11-ounce with 3.75" H x 4.5" W

Create Your Mug

Printed Photo Mugs Will Give You Many Reasons to Smile

Decide how you want the photos printed

  • Double Sided Prints

    A two-way treat of vision!

    Double-sided Prints

  • Collage Prints

    Gather rightly as many photos as you can.

    Collage Prints

  • Wraparound Prints

    Let all the attention be on one photo

    Wrap-around Prints

Beautiful Colors and Great Choices

Choices in Colours

Make the right choice for the colour depending on the occasion:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Pink
Create Your Mug

Personalised Coffee Mugs the Way You Always Love Them to Be!

Get it personalised with four photos of your choice

  • One Photo

    One Photo

    Get a single photo to enclose the whole mug.

  • Two Photo

    Two Photo

    Show yin and yang of a story.

  • Three Photo

    Three Photo

    Three photos to highlight the start, middle and end.

  • Four Photo

    Four Photo

    Align your images vertically or share a message/quote horizontally.

Customised Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Multi-Optional Customized Ceramic Mugs!

You can customise the coffee mug with the graphic, texts or a logo rendering it highly personalised with the mark of your identity.

Enliven the Events With the Custom Photo Mugs

Choose from the plethora of designs to make it a unique gift

  • Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary

  • Wedding Date

    Wedding Date

  • World's Greatest Mom

    World's Greatest Mom

  • Custom Photo Mugs

    You Did It!

  • Custom Photo Mugs


  • With Love from Fido

    With Love from Fido

  • School Days are here!

    School Days are here!

  • Be My Valentine

    Be My Valentine

  • Thanks, Mom!

    Thanks, Mom!

  • From All of Us

    From All of Us

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  • Best Dad Ever

    Best Dad Ever

Custom Photo Mugs

    Start your day with a photo of your beloved one on a coffee mug to motivate and inspire yourself. Your long-lasting memories of occasions like holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. deserve to be shown on a personalised mug.


    It is now not so tiring to create a design of your choice for a photo mug. With our advanced design tool and a few clicks, you can design your photo mug.


    When it comes to gift something to an acquaintance, a photo mug is the best choice, be it a teacher, your boss or a co-worker. These custom photo mugs will give a feeling of respect and make the bonds stronger than ever.


    A highly customised and attractive photo mug will be a unique gift for someone you admire the most in your life. The photo mug will always give a soothing feel when you see the most memorable moments of life on it. Whether you wish to gift it someone or want to have a set of the custom photo mug, it will be unique to make the morning special with custom photo mug.


    CanvasChamp can take pride in the quality we offer as these photo mugs are made-up of best-quality ceramic that guarantees longevity. They are easy to clean and maintain. At CanvasChamp, all the mugs are printed with high-end technology and quality ink that lasts longer than usual. So, your sweet memories will be preserved for a long time.


    There's no end to the ways you can use personalised photo mugs. Create a mug with photos from that excellent family vacation; a class picture that makes a unique keepsake for class reunions. Family members will love taking a custom mug home after a family get-together. Your creativity is your only limit!

Where & How CanvasChamp Differs from the Others?
We have earned the love of our clients for the quality material and high-end printing technology
  • Selection

    Choose from a variety of mug designs

  • g>

    Easy Design

    Convenient designing tool

  • Economical Price

    Best Prices in the UK

  • Quality Assurance

    Materials used of highest quality