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Create a Perfect Recipe Photo Book in 7 Steps

By CanvasChampOctober, 11 2019February, 21 2023Comment

Remember grandma’s Sunday meal of roast lamb? Or Uncle John’s special cottage pie? What about the kids’ favourite tarts and muffins? Food can bring people together just like holidays can, so how about you make a great family cookbook this year to share it with your family?

We have curated a few things you might want to keep in mind while creating recipe custom photo books to make the legacy of the traditional food that has been running through the family stronger. Here take a look:

1. Perfect Recipes

A recipe book with no wrong ingredients mentioned is what we call a printed recipe book. So, make sure that you have complete recipe instructions for each dish when you dig out all the old family favourites. Talk to the main person who used to make it and the people who most enjoyed in the family to get the right idea about how the recipe needs to be framed to cook the best meals in the future. 

2. Pick a Theme

We suggest to choose out a theme to link all the moreish recipes together so that you’ll know when to reach out for that book to make a particular dish according to the cravings. Some examples of themes can be like Holiday Favourites, Summer Classics, Scrummy Desserts, Daily Recipes - and the list can go on.

3. Sort your Recipes

Keeping the recipes in order can make the book look better, especially handful when you are looking for a specific recipe. That way, you wouldn’t have to go through all the names if you could make an index page and divide the recipes into certain similarities like starters, mains, veg, meat, etc. Or, you can even write it out in the seasonal section way to get to the recipes faster.

4. Ready, set, COOK!

Once you have sorted all the recipes, the next step is to prepare the photos of the recipes. We suggest you cook the meals one at a time and take some good pictures of the food to accompany the recipes with their photos. Or, if you already have some old food photography pictures of your own dishes then pick the best images to get along with the recipes. Make sure you have the exact looking food at the end of the recipe when you start making hence the photos need to be able to cover the colour, proper light and texture of the food.

5. Customise Creatively

Now you have the recipes ready to print and also the photos, what’s next? Start working on making the custom photo books! You can decide the size of the book and placement of the pictures near the recipe text, how many images to put on per page, and in what order to keep the photos. Plus, you can even get to select the font style, font colour, font style and alignment to make it look unique.

CanvasChamp uk even gives an option on whether you want to print the photo book in soft or hardcover. Also, options like different layouts for each page, the finish of the paper and additional clip art options makes it so cool to customise a recipe cookbook in your own style.

6. Add short stories

Add little facts or incidents that you had during the making of the recipes to make the book more fun and exciting to read. Or, you can add short stories like when was the first time you cooked that particular recipe or who taught you to cook it better, what is the history of the recipe, etc. It will make your recipes more meaningful when you share it with someone.

7. Made for sharing

Just like the delicious food that would result from such a fantastic book, the photobook was mainly created for sharing or at least show-off. So you can think of gifting it inside your family or help out a friend in need to save his/her housewarming party by sharing your recipe book with them! The meals will surely turn out to be extra special with the perfect guidance from the recipes and photos on it!