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  • Supreme acrylic glass photo block on the web!
  • Glossy glass-cut to make the sides look transparent
  • An acrylic base provided with a mirror to reflect photo remarkably
  • Product delight guaranteed
Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic photo blocks- a premium product for gifting

If you are looking for a fun new way to display your favourite photos, then acrylic block photos are the way to go. It’s different than acrylic photo prints which are made on acrylic sheets but an elegant way to honour a special moment.

Measuring one-inch thick and available in more than ten sizes, you can have fun creating cute displays of your most treasured moments. The acrylic block is diamond polished, which gives it vibrancy, depth and extraordinary print quality.

With the freestanding ability, they have a bespoke 3D glass effect, which is sure to become a focal point in any space. These long-lasting blocks are virtually indestructible, making them perfect for busy households.


Display Your Happy Times in Whichever Size You Want

Get high-resolution images from our acrylic photo blocks features through rectangular or square shape. Choose till up to 8 x 12-inch block to get the best view of your favourite photo.

Two Things That Make an Acrylic Photo Block Perfect

We make acrylic blocks flawless to showcase precious memories


With the appearance of a solid glass block at the one-inch extreme thickness, CanvasChamp offers the ultimate in contemporary wall art. We print through the clear acrylic, giving a luxury glass-like finish with polished edges.



Get your images printed with a black base in the acrylic block to prevent any light from halting your nostalgia from a light-reflected view.

Here's Why to Trust Us for Acrylic Photo Blocks

We assure you to bank on our quality and craftsmanship. But here's why we guarantee you for it
  • High-quality photographic paper
  • Secure packing for safe arrival
  • Good quality inks used for colours
  • Feels like a very intimate gift
  • Freestanding and lightweight
  • Durable for many years to come
An Acrylic Block Photo with a Stand

An Acrylic Block Photo with a Stand

An A4 acrylic photo block is freestanding and a lightweight product. To make a photo in an acrylic block more eye-catching, a black backing base can be added with a reflective mirror that doesn't let light get reflected through the picture and stands beautifully towards any direction of light.

All the Info on Acrylic Photo Blocks

Shows your special memories with stunning photo acrylic blocks

Emphasize on your special occasions by putting your photos into acrylic blocks of a 3D effect.

It isn't just about a photo, add custom text and clip-art to personalize too

You can not only print but also add a custom text to an acrylic block to make quotes or lyrics for someone. Add even clip-art to decorate your photos to print on the glass blocks.

Explore your creativity while designing your very own an acrylic photo block

Our designing tool lets you work through options to customised a glass photo block the way you want. So feel free to make anything you want before checking out the cart.

Highlight the happy times by giving it as gifts

Custom acrylic photo block prints give a vibe of an expensive gift when it actually comes at a reasonable price instead. So give it away to your friends, family or colleagues on any holiday or occasion.

Get beauty and protection of your favourite image on the acrylic glass photo block

Acrylic blocks being made with thick glass protects your image from fading over the years. Hence, the colours of the photo stay just as vibrant as when delivered at your doorstep.

Add an illusion with plexiglass on your photo

Since the plexiglass used on the acrylic block is one-inch thick, it creates an illusion of a floating photo when seen from any angle.

An easy-to-use design tool to create your personalised acrylic photo block

CanvasChamp has an editing tool on the website that lets you upload photos and customise the way you want before giving it to us to make an acrylic photo block.