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Order Single or Multiple- Your Choice

You can choose to buy an individual coaster or a dozen with separate images.

Square Photo Coasters
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  • Photo Coasters

    Durability comes complimentary with the appeal.

    With us, you can remain assured to have high-quality personalised photo coasters. Not just this, our easy-to-use design tool enables you to upload your photos from any device. Each of these elements together ensures to serve you with the best experience.


      Ships in 5-10 Business Days

      100% satisfaction

      Exclusive Shapes for Photo Coasters

      Browse through these shapes to choose from!

      • Square Photo Coasters


        Conventional and familiar shape for your old memories.

      • Heart Shape Photo Coasters


        Give your sweet heart to your sweetheart with this.

      • Circle Photo Coasters


        Make your lovely memories go round and round in your head.

      • Octagon Photo Coasters


        When four corners were too mainstream, we give you an unusual octagonal shape to display your unique memories grandly.

      Custom Coasters

      Wrap it with a ribbon/twine to make a perfect gift.

      • Pack of One Coasters

        Single Coaster

        For that one special photo in your heart.

      • Pack of Four Photo Coasters


        One for each in a family of four!

      • Pack of Six Photo Coasters


        Gift it to your relatives- siblings, cousins, nieces.

      • Pack of Eight Photo Coasters


        Perfect gift for friends and colleagues

      • Pack of Twelve Photo Coasters


        Show off good times to your party guests

      Have the Option to Choose a Layout

      We have a wide range of customising options

      • One Photo Coasters

        One Photo

        That chosen One (out of many photos)

      • Two Photo Coasters

        Two Photos

        Double the power of the BFFs

      • Three Photo Coasters

        Three Photos

        Happy face that you have to seize

      • Four Photo Coasters

        Four Photos

        Share multiple expressions of love

      Make it even more creative as you

      Choose multiple options to customise

      • Personalise It with Text

        Add text

        A motivational message, or a love quote to express your feelings

      • Unlimited Background Colors

        Unlimited Background Colors

        Match the background with your beautiful photos

      • Wraparound Prints


        Showcase those amazing travel memories!

      Great Gift

      Packing with a band around them, the personalised photo coasters can serve as an excellent gift for your loved ones or colleagues.

      High-quality material

      At CanvasChamp, we build photo coasters using high-quality materials. Be it then the sturdy cardboard, colours, or the printing technology we use.

      Options Galore

      After thorough research and analysis, we have built a design tool, which allows you to scroll through our wide range of customising options with utmost ease.

      Perfect Mementos

      Moments we spend with our loved ones hold a particular place in our life. With photo coasters, you can treasure those special moments flawlessly and creatively.

      Everyone Needs Coasters

      The best part about custom photo coasters is that there isn’t any particular consumer type for them. Having said this, you can use them for yourself, as a gift to your loved ones, or can apply for corporate gifting ideas.

      Great for business too

      Are you planning to gift your employees with a personalised product? Well, custom photo coasters can serve as a significant gift while being productive for them.

      Quality from CanvasChamp

      With an overtime experience, team CanvasChamp has commendably garnered love of its global audience. We are only able to do this with efforts as instant customer support, low pricing, and best quality products.