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    Why CanvasChamp is Best Catch for Canvas Prints

    You can rely on our experts about all your special memories. Only the best materials are used, and supreme quality is offered at a reasonable price; that is our guarantee

    • 60 Day Return
    • 99+ Year Canvas Quality Guarantee
    • Lowest Price in the UK Guarantee
    • 6 million Canvas Shipped
    • Free Wall Mounting Kit


    We create the highest-quality photo canvas prints that are sure to impress

    • Triangle Shaped Canvas

      Triangle Shaped Canvas

      Introducing our one-of-a-kind triangle canvas, designed to add an artistic edge to any creative décor ideas!

    • Round Shaped Canvas

      Round Shaped Canvas

      Embrace the beauty of symmetry with this unique round canvas, which is perfect for modern and abstract art lovers, allowing you to create striking compositions that stand out from the crowd.

    • Heart Shaped Canvas

      Heart Shaped Canvas

      Celebrate love and affection with our charming heart canvas, a canvas specially designed for those who wish to express their emotions through art.

    • Oval Shaped Canvas

      Oval Shaped Canvas

      Elevate your artistic creations with our elegant oval canvas, a sophisticated and timeless canvas that invites you to explore the beauty of curved lines and organic shapes.

    • Quotes on Canvas

      Quotes on Canvas

      We all need inspiration and that’s what you can do with our quotes on canvas. Get your own quotes on custom canvas now.

    • Lyrics on Canvas

      Lyrics on Canvas

      These can make a great anniversary gift or just a great accessory to your home decor. Let words express your feelings through custom canvas photo prints with text.

    • Pop Art on Canvas

      Pop Art on Canvas

      Experience the vibrant energy of our pop art on canvas collection, a dynamic fusion of bold colors and striking imagery that pays tribute to the iconic style of the 20th century.

    • Canvas Photo Collage

      Canvas Photo Collage

      Transform your cherished memories into a stunning work of art with our custom canvas photo collage service and re-live your favorite memories.

    • Canvas Wall Display

      Canvas Wall Display

      Too many photos you like from your collection? Why not display them all! Create a fantastic wall display using more than one picture!

    • Split Photo Canvas

      Split Photo Canvas

      Split canvas photo prints to give a dramatic effect to your pictures. They are the most suitable option for showcasing memories in a modern and exciting way.

    • Hexagon Shaped Canvas

      Hexagon Shaped Canvas

      Print your photos on a marvelous new hexagon-shaped canvas! An exclusive and unique way to show off your best memories and grab immediate attention!

    • Canvas Photo Mosaic

      Canvas Photo Mosaic

      Add a splash of color and iconic style to your space with our vibrant Canvas photo mosaic collection, where each unique pixel tells a unique story.

    Thickness Options on Canvas Prints

    Thick wooden canvas frame

    Thick Wooden Frame (1.5”)

    If you want to get a gallery effect, 1.5” thick wooden frame for custom canvas print is for you. It has a stronger and denser consistency making canvas prints look beautiful on your walls.

    Thin wooden canvas frame

    Thin Wooden Frame (0.75”)

    When needing a lightweight canvas which is easy to hang and more, you can opt for this pine stretcher thin wooden frame having a thickness of 0.75”. This frame looks good when hanged in room, side spaces, or kept on side table.

    Lite wooden canvas frame

    Canvas Lite Wooden Frame (0.5”)

    We are proud to introduce the thinnest canvas print available in the market and it’s lighter than air. Without compromising the quality, our lightest canvas frame will make your space look even more beautiful.


    Different Custom Size options for Canvas Prints

    You can get any custom size you want in canvas prints to fit your decor. We have varying prices for each size and shaped canvas where you can choose the one that matches your living space and also your budget
    • Customer Favourite
      • 8X8
      • 11x17
      • 22x34
      • 33x51
      • £6.89
      • £21.68
      • £41.86
      • £494.39
    • Square
      • 12x12
      • 20x20
      • 30x30
      • 40x40
      • £20.11
      • £36.20
      • £47.27
      • £159.16
    • Small
      • 10X8
      • 12x10
      • 14x11
      • 16x12
      • £9.45
      • £14.73
      • £16.06
      • £15.51
    • Panoramic
      • 8x24
      • 12x36
      • 16x52
      • 18x48
      • £31.60
      • £45.40
      • £69.90
      • £87.59
    • Large
      • 36x24
      • 40x30
      • 48x36
      • 52x40
      • £48.85
      • £59.20
      • £101.73
      • £518.10

    How to order Canvas Prints online?

    Being the best canvas printing services in the UK, we guarantee you the lowest priced canvas prints

    • Step 1

      Step 1

      Upload online on our website your favourite digital photo from anywhere.

    • Step 2

      Step 2

      Choose any preferable size available from 20 x 20 CM to 135 x 135 CM.

    • Step 3

      Step 3

      Choose a wrap for your canvas from mirror wrap, image wrap or a coloured border options.

    • Step 4

      Step 4

      Customise your canvas with a choice of colour finishes and wide array of special effects. We offer a variety of hanging and display options.

    • Step 5

      Step 5

      Check the option for lamination, if you desire, along with any minor or major retouching needed before paying for the cart.

    How to Hang Canvas Print on the Wall?

    It is straightforward to hang the canvas on your walls as we already supply them to you in a ready-to-hang condition. But you can prepare a wall with nails and screws right where you want to place till we deliver you the canvas print. Here's what you can do, follow the below steps:

    • Mark the Wall

      Step 1: Mark the Wall

      You can mark crosses 'x' with a pencil where you want your canvas to be hung to fix nails. If the marks seem crooked, rub it off and start over

    • Hammer the Nails

      Step 2: Hammer the Nails

      Now hammer the nails on the marked 'x'. Make sure to keep them at a slight angle to ensure that they will be able to take the weight of the canvas.

    • Now Place the Canvas

      Step 3: Now Place the Canvas

      Make any adjustments to make the canvas be seen straight if the nails are a bit crooked. Check the alignment with a spirit level for correction.

    • Enjoy the Canvas on Wall

      Step 4: Enjoy the Canvas on Wall

      Once you have set the canvas, step a few feet back and admire all the work you did with utmost satisfaction. We guarantee you will adore it.


    Read for more information about best custom canvas prints

    Make Your Memories More Elegant on Canvas

    Photos have been our way to move in the past and present to make a better future from it. Without pictures of vivid memories, cultural holidays, and family reunions, we wouldn't be able to find a way towards people, places and even things that make us what we are today. Pictures play a very important role in our lives as they help us capture particular memories and experiences to preserve for the next generation. So, as we understand the importance and beauty of the photo, we provide the power of it to be shown and displayed in custom canvas prints.

    Adding a Customise Canvas Prints to Your Home

    You can try to tell a story in as many details and as much vividly as you want but it won't make the same impact when spoken with a visual of it. Canvas prints can be one of the ideal ways you can showcase a memory to tell a better story. Plus, you can adorn your home with such beautiful custom canvas prints by personalizing it the way you want.

    Ideal Gifts You Can Give to Anyone

    No universal gifting item can compete to a canvas print with custom touch. Since photos are very intimate expressions depicting you and your lifestyle, printing them on canvas can make it worth the stars. And if you printed a picture that is very close to you on a 50x50 canvas print, then you will get some delighted reactions to it!

    Best quality canvas prints

    99+ Years Guarantee on Canvas Photo Prints

    We offer long-lasting guarantees. We also have a money-back policy. You might say: “I hear such a policy pretty frequently, but what does it mean exactly?” Our money-return policy implies that if you find anything wrong with your framed canvas prints, we will remake the product to deliver or return the money immediately! We also have a 14-year guarantee on your photos and another 85-year guarantee on the colour! We just want you satisfied with our services and happy with a CanvasChamp Product.

    Why Order Online Canvas Prints From CanvasChampUK?

    • Best Quality Canvas Prints
    • Lowest price guarantee
    • Quick delivery within a week in the UK.
    • Not happy with the product? Ask for your money back.
    • Prime ratings from 6,000 customers. Our customers have rated us with a 4.7/5 on an average.
    • We supply all of our products with a FREE mounting kit.

    Know More About Canvas Prints

    Benefits of Decorating Home with Photo Canvas Prints

    Adorn your home with photo canvas prints for a personalized ambiance, enhanced aesthetics, and a showcase of memorable moments. Enjoy durable, versatile, and environmentally friendly artwork with fade-resistant inks and timeless appeal.

    Shop Bulk Canvas Printing in UK Wholesale Rates

    Save on large orders of high-quality canvas prints with wholesale rates in the UK. We design and deliver wholesale canvas printing in UK which turns out to save cost for you and be amazing for businesses, events, or large-scale decorating projects. Enjoy bulk buy canvas prints with affordable pricing without compromising on style or quality.

    Affordable Prices of Canvas Prints

    When looking to decorate your space, custom canvas prints offer a cost-effective solution for giving wings to your personalized home décor ideas. By combining high-quality materials and stunning visuals at an affordable price, we deliver some of the best canvas prints online to your doorstep. Create canvas prints with text and photos and transform your space without breaking the bank.

    Premium Pictures Canvas Prints in UK

    Upgrade your living space with premium canvas prints in the UK, featuring exceptional image resolution, vibrant colors, and professional finishes. Elevate your home décor with top-tier digital canvas prints artwork that stands the test of time.

    Affordable Canvas Prints Online

    Browse and order affordable canvas prints online to bring life to your walls with minimal effort. Choose from a collection of multiple canvas prints and opt for the best one out of a wide selection of designs, sizes, and styles to fit your budget and match your personal taste.

    5 Amazing Décor Ideas for Wall Art Canvas Prints

    • Gallery Wall Arrangements: Create a visually captivating display by arranging various art canvas prints in a gallery-style layout. Mix and match sizes, colors, and themes to showcase your personal style and make a statement with picture canvas prints.
    • Oversized Statement Pieces: Make a bold impact with oversized canvas prints that dominate your wall space. Choose a stunning image or artwork that reflects your taste and transforms the room's atmosphere. Get canvas print online delivery in UK.
    • Split-panel Displays: Divide a single image across multiple canvas panels to create a dynamic and engaging presentation. This modern approach adds depth and interest to your wall art, drawing attention to your favorite piece. With this you turn beautiful pictures to canvas prints.
    • Themed Collections: Curate a cohesive collection of picture canvas prints centered around a specific theme, such as nature, travel, or abstract art. This focused approach helps to unify your décor and create a harmonious visual experience with some of the best canvas prints with photos.
    • Inspirational Quotes: Incorporate uplifting and motivational quotes into your canvas prints to create a positive environment. Surround yourself with words of wisdom and encouragement that inspire you daily.

    Gift Custom Canvas Prints on These Special UK Occasions

    • Christmas: Celebrate the festive season by gifting a custom canvas print that captures the essence of a traditional British Christmas. Choose images of iconic UK landmarks adorned with holiday lights or winter landscapes to create a memorable and cherished gift.
    • Easter: Brighten up a loved one's home during Easter with a custom canvas print that reflects the holiday's spirit. Select images of UK's famous Easter celebrations, spring landscapes, or traditional symbols like Easter eggs and bunnies and turn them into multiple canvas prints especially for Easter.
    • Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night): Commemorate this uniquely British occasion with different shaped canvas prints for walls featuring scenes of fireworks, bonfires, or historical landmarks associated with the event. This gift featuring cool canvas prints UK celebrations will serve as a vivid reminder of the annual celebration.
    • St. George's Day: Honor England's patron saint with a custom canvas print that showcases iconic symbols of English heritage, such as the St. George's Cross, famous English landmarks, or scenes of traditional festivities. Give these HD canvas prints to someone special as special memorial canvas prints.
    • Burns Night: Pay tribute to Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, by gifting a canvas print that captures the essence of Scottish culture. Choose images of traditional Burns Night celebrations, Scottish landscapes, or famous quotes from Burns' poems to create a unique and meaningful museum canvas prints.

    Make Unique Canvas Prints Online

    • Literary Love: Heart-Shaped Canvas Prints Celebrate your passion for literature and love with heart-shaped canvas prints that showcase your favorite literary quotes, iconic book covers, or memorable romantic scenes from classic novels.
    • Mindful Meditations: HD Canvas Inspirations Embrace serenity and inner peace with high-definition (HD) canvas inspirations that promote mindfulness and meditation. With crisp, vibrant colors and exceptional image resolution, HD canvas prints bring a sense of harmony and balance to your surroundings.
    • Musical Memories: Melodic Canvas Artworks Celebrate the universal language of music with melodic canvas artworks that capture the essence of your favorite tunes, genres, and artists. Adorn your walls with these captivating artworks and immerse yourself in the memories and emotions that music brings to life.
    • Culinary Canvas Art Ideas: Kitchen-Themed Wall Art Infuse your kitchen with creativity and charm by adorning your walls with kitchen-themed canvas art. Enhance your kitchen's ambiance with culinary canvas art that serves as a daily reminder of the beauty and artistry found in the world of food and cooking.

    Add Art on Your Canvas Prints for Walls

    Transform your walls by adding art to your canvas prints. Choose from a variety of styles, from abstract to traditional, to create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in your home.

    Unique Canvas Print Offers

    Explore limited-edition canvas print online designs on sale, customize them with local artists pictures and innovative printing techniques in the realm of unique canvas prints. With CanvasChamp you can get some of the bumper discount offers which will and exclusive deals on picture canvas prints and get a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Get Canvas Printed For Memorial Day

    Yes, you can get memorial canvas prints for Memorial Day. Customize your own Memorial Day photo canvas prints and honor the memory of fallen heroes. Display photographs or commemorative designs to pay tribute and respect to those who have served by getting a canvas print for Memorial Day.

    Check out 5 customization options for Memorial Day Canvas Print:

    • Patriotic Imagery: Create a canvas print featuring the national flag, emblematic landmarks, or symbols that represent the country's pride and history to honor those who served.
    • Portraits of Fallen Heroes: Commemorate the brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice by displaying their portraits on canvas prints, creating a powerful tribute.
    • Military Insignia: Showcase the specific branches of the armed forces by incorporating their respective insignia or emblems into your canvas print, paying homage to their service.
    • Inspirational Quotes: Select poignant and heartfelt quotes from famous figures or military personnel that capture the spirit of Memorial Day and honor those who have served.
    • Scenes of Remembrance: Feature images of memorials, cemeteries, or commemorative ceremonies on your canvas print to create a visual representation of the nation's gratitude and respect for fallen heroes.

    Good Quality Canvas Prints for Special Celebrations in UK

    • Birthdays: Celebrate a loved one's special day by gifting an affordable custom canvas print that captures their personality or interests. From memorable moments to favorite hobbies, create unique and heartfelt wooden canvas prints as a present they will cherish.
    • Anniversaries: Commemorate the milestone of a couple's journey together with pictures canvas prints featuring their wedding day, a favorite vacation, or a family portrait. These thoughtful premium canvas prints serve as a constant reminder of their love and commitment.
    • Graduations: Honor the hard work and dedication of a recent graduate by gifting high-quality canvas print that highlights their academic achievements or displays an inspiring quote to motivate them in their future endeavors.
    • Housewarming: Help friends or family members turn their new house into a home having world-class décor with a custom canvas print. Try different canvas print ideas and choose a piece that complements their interior design or showcases a personal memory, adding warmth and character to their new space. Our canvas print options will make you stand out in housewarming events.

    Check Out Modern Day Art Canvas Prints for Your Walls:

    • Abstract Art: Incorporate abstract designs and patterns on your canvas prints to add a touch of modernity and intrigue to your living space, while stimulating the imagination.
    • Landscape Paintings: Bring the beauty of nature indoors with canvas prints featuring serene landscapes, from rolling hills and lush forests to majestic mountains and tranquil seas.
    • Portraits: Display striking portraits of famous figures, loved ones, or even pets to add personality and create a focal point in your room.
    • Geometric Patterns: Choose canvas prints with bold geometric patterns to create a contemporary and visually appealing space, while making a statement.
    • Cityscapes and Skylines: Showcase the allure of urban life with canvas prints featuring iconic city skylines, bustling streets, or architectural marvels from around the world.
    • Vintage Advertisements: Add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your walls with canvas prints featuring retro advertisements, movie posters, or classic travel posters.

    Print Famous Paintings on Your Art canvas prints

    Bring the world's most famous paintings to your home with art canvas prints. Admire the works of Van Gogh, Monet, and Da Vinci in high-quality reproductions that elevate your décor.

    Gift Card or Custom Canvas Print?

    We know you are sure to buy custom canvas prints and gift them to your loved ones. But are you overwhelmed with how to design, which canvas print customization idea works best for your loved ones?

    Well, choose between a gift card your loved ones and they can customize it as per their taste.

    Like, for the art enthusiast can select their own canvas print with a canvas print gift card. And if you are sure and want to surprise them with a thoughtful custom canvas print, customize canvas print online from CanvasChamp tailored to their interests and tastes.

    Custom Canvas Print Material So Good You Will Say Wow

    We at CanvasChamp ensure that you experience the wow factor with our custom canvas print materials, featuring high-quality fabric, eco-friendly inks, and professional-grade finishes that bring your images to life. Try it yourself now.

    Get Canvas Print Shipped to Your Location in UK

    Order your desired canvas print online and have it conveniently shipped directly to your location in the UK. With a user-friendly ordering process, you can select from a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles to suit your preferences.

    Enjoy a hassle-free experience with reliable shipping options, ensuring your new artwork arrives safely and promptly. Transform your living space with high-quality canvas prints, delivered straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

    Canvas Prints - FAQs

    • What Is a Canvas Print?

      To create canvas prints, images are printed onto a canvas sheet with vivid colors and precise details. The custom canvas prints are stretched over a wooden frame to maintain its tautness.

    • Are Canvas Prints Good Quality?

      When it comes to high-quality canvas prints, no one can do it better than CanvasChamp. Our product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee across all our product lines. Our canvas quality is possible using industry-leading machines and the world's finest coating and finishing processes.

    • Are Canvas Prints Out of Style?

      Canvas prints are a versatile and trendy option for wall art that continues to evolve. With advancements in technology, they can now be produced in high resolution and vivid colors, making them timeless pieces of art. As a result, premium canvas prints remain a preferred choice among art enthusiasts and interior decorators and continue to be a popular option for wall decor.

    • Are Canvas Prints Tacky?

      Not at all! Our wall canvas prints are diverse and customizable, allowing you to capture and cherish special moments in time. We offer frames that can be mounted on walls for a stylish display, with a range of styles to choose from. In addition, we provide custom-made stretcher mounts to bring your photos to life in a 3D format, ensuring a polished finish for viewing.

    • Do Canvas Prints Need to Be Framed?

      Canvas prints can be hung on walls without frames, but this may depend on the intended aesthetic. For example, a minimalist-style display may benefit from a natural, frameless canvas print. At the same time, you may prefer framed canvas prints for a traditional look, especially for a vintage-style project.

    • Where To Get Canvas Prints?

      If it's Canvas Prints, it's got to be from CanvasChamp – a leading canvas print shop online! Enjoy premium quality canvas prints, quick delivery anywhere in the UK, a Love-It guarantee, fast and reliable customer support, and the best prices in the market, as evidenced by our over 6 million happy customers and counting.

    • Are Canvas Prints Suitable for Bathrooms?

      Our canvas prints at CanvasChamp are crafted from a high-quality poly-cotton canvas print material that boasts exceptional durability and water-resistant properties. This means that our prints can easily withstand moisture and can be beautifully displayed on your bathroom walls.

    • How Much Do Canvas Prints Cost?

      Our quality canvas prints in the UK can cost depending on the shape and size; however, we have a lowest-price guarantee. Our top priority at all times is to assist you in elegantly reminiscing your cherished memories through our affordable canvas prints. Therefore, should you come across any other company offering a lower canvas printing price, we pledge to match it and provide you with an extra 10% discount.

    • How To Mount a Canvas Print?

      A canvas has the potential to stand out independently or be more effective when displayed alongside other wall art in a gallery. You can mount canvas prints for walls by following the below steps,

      Step 1: Use a pencil to mark the wall and prepare it.

      Step 2: Hammer the nail into the mark quickly. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

      Step 3: Leave the nail half an inch to an inch out.

      Step 4: Hang the canvas on the nail.

    • How Do You Make Canvas Prints?

      To make a canvas print, we take the high-resolution digital image you upload and print it with the help of an HP Design Jet z6100 printer. We provide the best canvas printing in London because we use latex ink to make the print more durable and scratch resistant. Once printed, it is stretched over stretcher bars.

    • How Long Do Canvas Prints Last?

      The longevity of a canvas print depends on various factors, such as the quality of materials used, the conditions of display, and the level of care taken. However, our high-quality custom canvas prints at CanvasChamp can last several decades, or even a hundred years, if properly cared for and stored in ideal conditions.

    • How To Arrange Canvas Prints on Wall?

      First, choose a focal point and measure the available wall space to arrange home decor canvas prints on a wall. Next, lay out the prints on the floor or a table to determine the arrangement, and use hanging hardware appropriate for the weight of the canvases to hang them evenly on the wall.

    • How To Display Canvas Prints?

      You can use various options to display canvas prints, such as hanging them on a wall using picture hangers, displaying them on a decorative easel, or placing them in a frame. You can also group multiple pictures of canvas prints to create a gallery wall, create split Photo Canvas or display them individually as a statement piece. When displaying digital canvas prints, it's important to consider the lighting and positioning to showcase the artwork in the best possible way.

    • How To Order Canvas Prints?

      Creating your canvas print is easy with the "Create A Canvas" button. Then, click on the "Upload Photos" button to get started, and we'll guide you through the process from designing to checkout.

    • How To Preserve Canvas Prints?

      Museum canvas prints are mesmerizing when fresh and mounted, but with time, environmental factors can deteriorate its colour. You can opt for a canvas varnish (also known as giclee gloss) coating, which will protect your prints and shield the ink and canvas from detrimental UV rays that may lead to discoloration or fading.

    • How To Protect a Canvas Print?

      Follow these simple tips to protect your high-quality canvas prints:

      • Avoid direct sunlight
      • Try to hang it in a cool & dry place
      • Dust it, DO NOT rub it!
      • Avoid using chemical cleaners.
      • Wrap them in an acid-free paper when not in use.
    • How To Stretch a Canvas Print?

      Tutorials are available to guide you on how to frame your canvas, but the process can be challenging, mainly if the custom canvas prints are sizable. If you're unsure about stretching your canvas, CanvasChamp offers the option of having your canvas framed, and we also provide hanging hardware.

    • How To Wrap a Canvas Print?

      To wrap a canvas print, you need a wooden frame, canvas fabric, a staple gun, and scissors. Stretch the professional canvas printing material tightly over the wooden frame, staple it in place, trim the excess fabric, and fold the corners neatly. Check for wrinkles and creases and remove them by stretching the canvas and stapling it again.

    • What Resolution for Canvas Print?

      For larger canvas prints, choosing higher-resolution photos obtained from digital cameras is best. For small photo canvases, images captured by smartphones or social media platforms with well-centered subjects, high resolutions, and clear backgrounds can do the job. You can turn your pictures into canvas prints of any size and shape by uploading HD-quality images!

    • Why canvas print is the best choice to buy from CanvasChampUK?

      Canvas prints from us are manufactured in the UK itself with the best of the resources. We make our canvas prints with the best printers and latex inks that are used on poly-cotton blend canvas adorned with perfect wooden frames. And all this comes under a pocket-friendly price too.

    • How to clean canvas prints & maintain it properly?

      Canvas photo prints are effortless to maintain with a dry or a slightly damp cloth. You can gently clean off any dust over it with a towel, and it won't affect the quality of the print. Regular cleaning in such a way will give a better life expectancy.

    • Will picture on canvas fade?

      All prints fade if kept under direct sunlight. Though some inks are better at lasting in that environment over others, even old film photographs will fade in direct sunlight. The high-quality canvas used by professional canvas print service providers remains fade-resistant for more than 99 years.

    • Can canvas pictures be framed?

      One of the advantages of canvas photo prints is that they can be hung immediately on your wall without framing, but it can also be mounted to give a finished look if you need. Since part of the beauty of a custom canvas print is in the texture of the canvas, even when framed, it's not generally hidden behind glass.

    • What are the best types of personalised canvas prints?

      Gallery Wrapped Edges - Some of our most popular products are personalised canvas prints with the gallery-wrapped edges.
      Framed - Framed prints work best for decorators who prefer a traditional look, but who desire the texture of a canvas print.
      Collage - You can be your own interior designer in choosing a variety of photos and layouts with these print-to-canvas projects!
      Panoramic - For a longer picture of a group or a landscape.

    • Are canvas prints waterproof?

      No original cotton-based canvas is waterproof. You might have to choose a 100% polyester canvas print, but then the quality of the artwork differs from the original cloth-based canvas. Polyester canvas is still an option for you if you want a waterproof canvas. However, we serve a poly-cotton blended canvas.

    • What are stretched canvas prints?

      A canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame is called a stretched canvas. A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto the canvas that is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. A stretched canvas is more convenient if you plan to display your picture immediately and are not planning to store it.