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Photos on canvas with personalised features

Read for more information about best custom canvas prints

How to order Canvas Prints online?

Being the best canvas printing services in the UK, we guarantee you the lowest priced canvas prints
  • STEP 1:
    Upload online on our website your favourite digital photo from anywhere.
  • STEP 2:
    Choose any preferable size available from 8 x 8 inches to 54 x 54 inches.
  • STEP 3:
    Choose a wrap for your canvas from mirror wrap, image wrap or a coloured border options.
  • STEP 4:
    Customise your canvas with a choice of colour finishes and wide array of special effects. We offer a variety of hanging and display options.
  • STEP 5:
    Check the option for lamination, if you desire, along with any minor or major retouching needed before paying for the cart.

Choose Canvas With Photos in Different Sizes & Prices

You can get any custom size you want in canvas prints to fit your decor. We have varying prices for each size and shaped canvas where you can choose the one that matches your living space and also your budget
Customer Favourite

Customer Favourite

  • 8X8
  • £6.89
  • 11X17
  • £21.68
  • 22X34
  • £41.86
  • 33X51
  • £494.39


  • 12X12
  • £20.11
  • 20X20
  • £36.20
  • 30X30
  • £47.27
  • 40X40
  • £159.16


  • 10X8
  • £9.45
  • 12X10
  • £14.73
  • 14X11
  • £16.06
  • 16X12
  • £15.51


  • 8X24
  • £31.60
  • 12X36
  • £45.40
  • 16X52
  • £69.90
  • 18X48
  • £87.59


  • 36X24
  • £48.85
  • 40X30
  • £59.20
  • 48X36
  • £101.73
  • 52X40
  • £518.10

How to Hang Canvas Print on the Wall?

It is straightforward to hang the canvas on your walls as we already supply them to you in a ready-to-hang condition. But you can prepare a wall with nails and screws right where you want to place till we deliver you the canvas print. Here's what you can do, follow the below steps:
  • Mark the Wall

    Step 1: Mark the Wall

    You can mark crosses 'x' with a pencil where you want your canvas to be hung to fix nails. If the marks seem crooked, rub it off and start over

  • Hammer the Nails

    Step 2: Hammer the Nails

    Now hammer the nails on the marked 'x'. Make sure to keep them at a slight angle to ensure that they will be able to take the weight of the canvas.

  • Now Place the Canvas

    Step 3: Now Place the Canvas

    Make any adjustments to make the canvas be seen straight if the nails are a bit crooked. Check the alignment with a spirit level for correction.

  • Enjoy the Canvas on Wall

    Step 4: Enjoy the Canvas on Wall

    Once you have set the canvas, step a few feet back and admire all the work you did with utmost satisfaction. We guarantee you will adore it.


We create the highest-quality photo canvas prints that are sure to impress

  • Lyrics on Canvas

    Lyrics on Canvas

    These can make a great anniversary gift or just a great accessory to your home decor. Let words express your feelings through custom canvas photo prints with text.

  • Canvas Wall Displays

    Wall Display

    Too many photos you like from your collection? Why not display them all! Create a fantastic wall display using more than one picture!

  • Split Photo Canvas

    Split Photo Canvas

    Split canvas photo prints to give a dramatic effect to your pictures. They are the most suitable option for showcasing memories in a modern and exciting way.

  • Hexagon Canvas Photos

    Hexagon Shaped Canvas

    Print your photos on a marvellous new hexagon-shaped canvas! An exclusive and unique way to show off your best memories and grab immediate attention!


  • Why canvas print is the best choice to buy from CanvasChampUK?

    Canvas prints from us are manufactured in the UK itself with the best of the resources. We make our canvas prints with the best printers and latex inks that are used on poly-cotton blend canvas adorned with perfect wooden frames. And all this comes under a pocket-friendly price too.

  • How to clean canvas prints & maintain it properly?

    Canvas photo prints are effortless to maintain with a dry or a slightly damp cloth. You can gently clean off any dust over it with a towel, and it won't affect the quality of the print. Regular cleaning in such a way will give a better life expectancy.

  • Will picture on canvas fade?

    All prints fade if kept under direct sunlight. Though some inks are better at lasting in that environment over others, even old film photographs will fade in direct sunlight. The high-quality canvas used by professional canvas print service providers remains fade-resistant for more than 99 years.

  • Can canvas pictures be framed?

    One of the advantages of canvas photo prints is that they can be hung immediately on your wall without framing, but it can also be mounted to give a finished look if you need. Since part of the beauty of a custom canvas print is in the texture of the canvas, even when framed, it's not generally hidden behind glass.

  • What are the best types of personalised canvas prints?

    Gallery Wrapped Edges - Some of our most popular products are personalised canvas prints with the gallery-wrapped edges.
    Framed - Framed prints work best for decorators who prefer a traditional look, but who desire the texture of a canvas print.
    Collage - You can be your own interior designer in choosing a variety of photos and layouts with these print-to-canvas projects!
    Panoramic - For a longer picture of a group or a landscape.

  • Are canvas prints waterproof?

    No original cotton-based canvas is waterproof. You might have to choose a 100% polyester canvas print, but then the quality of the artwork differs from the original cloth-based canvas. Polyester canvas is still an option for you if you want a waterproof canvas. However, we serve a poly-cotton blended canvas.

  • What are stretched canvas prints?

    A canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame is called a stretched canvas. A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto the canvas that is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. A stretched canvas is more convenient if you plan to display your picture immediately and are not planning to store it.