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With Metal Prints, Pictures Have Never Looked So Real!

We print photos on metal to provide your image a high definition appearance. Metal photo prints transport you back in time and help you relive your memory. When you transfer photo to metal, it revamps the entire image, adding pops of colour everywhere and making it appear more realistic.... View Details

With Metal Prints, Pictures Have Never Looked So Real!

We print photos on metal to provide your image a high definition appearance. Metal photo prints transport you back in time and help you relive your memory. When you transfer photo to metal, it revamps the entire image, adding pops of colour everywhere and making it appear more realistic.

In fact, you shouldn’t have to think this hard to print photos on metal. Why? Think about it—if the example images we have up on the site look this impressive, imagine how they will look in-person. However, this is not the only reason you should opt to purchase metal prints, as we have an entire list to guide your decision.

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No risk. 100% guaranteed.

Why Should You Choose to Print Photos on Metal? The list of reasons why you should select to transfer photo to metal is vast!
  • High quality images printed on metal using high-tech technology
  • A budget-friendly option to display your pictures
  • Available in gray scale, sepia, or original
  • Available in two finishes, matte and glossy
  • Several hanging options
  • High quality material used to prevent the picture from fading or yellowing
  • Crisp details and cleaner edges
  • Eye popping colours and enhanced depth
  • Available in frameless and frame
  • Does not require surface protection
  • Will not sustain damage from adhesives or tape
  • Stain, water, and scratch-resistant

Are these reasons not enough to convince you to invest in metal photo prints? We still have more reasons in store for you to help you decide to go metal!

Enclose Your Pictures in Frames or Free Them

You can either enclose your images in frames or free them from their confines. You can choose between the framed and frameless option. Frameless pictures look wonderful in a modern setting whereas framed pictures allow you to mix and match with the decor of a room. If you are opting for framed, you can choose from any of our framing options. We can transfer photo to metal and place them in the following frames of your choosing:

Ready to display your photos printed on metal.To frame your metal photo print, follow these steps:

Black Brown Frame

Black Frame

A vibrant and colourful image in a black frame will make the colours pop out.

Brown Frame

A black and white picture or an image with mute colours will look perfect enclosed in a brown frame.

Brown golden frame

Brown Golden Frame

This frame looks best in a sophisticated, modern, and luxurious setting.

Golden Frame

This frame draws people’s attention to the image instantly.

without frame

Without Frame

If you do not want any frames to trap your image, we provide you with the front mount option.

Front Mount

The front mount option allows you to hang your photos on metal with ease. We will provide you with a kit, holding everything you need to display your image on the wall. The mounting options to choose from are mini easel, easel, acrylic pedestal, studs, and invisible hanging on back.

Go Ahead and customize

You can customize your metal print as well. You can select from sepia, gray scale, and original. Let’s look at each on in detail:

original effect

Original Effect

We do not add any effect to the image. Your picture will look the same, except the colours, depth, and picture quality will increase.



Sepia, a reddish-brown effect, is a great way to make a special moment even more special. The effect gives your image an antique look by softening the brilliance and decreasing the details.

gray scale

Gray Scale

Gray scale, a black and white effect, makes the subject and the details the centre of attention while minimizing the subject’s surroundings.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Pictures with Metal Prints!

Ask about Metal Prints and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Metal Prints

Q: I do astrophotography, can metal prints capture the dynamic range. Do you offer a 100% refund if not satisfied.Do you post to Shetland islands in ScotlandLooking forward to your reply

A: Greetings! Thanks for getting in touch with us and for choosing Canvas Champ. Yes We have a 100% love it guarantee , so in a rare situation if you do not like the prints we will issue a reprint or a refund for your purchase. Please note that for international shipping there is a flat charge of US$36.98 if you want to ship to scotland. Please let us know if we can help you further. Kind Regards, Sam, Canvas Champ.

Is this question useful?

Q: I purchased a groupon, and I am trying to figure out how to get the image printed directly on the aluminum without the white base (so the grain of the aluminum shows through the image and adds depth), as shown in the groupon images (

A: Hello there, Thanks for reaching out to us. There is an option in the metal print while placing the order where you can select the kind of aluminum metal. Please email us your further queries at Thanks

Is this question useful?

Q: I wanted to know if you had the option to print one picture split on 3 pieces of metal? Total width of 50" x whatever depth to keep the ratio (so my picture doesn't look stretched out).

A: Yes, we sure can do a 3 panel split of a picture on metal, acrylic and canvas prints. Please send us the image on and our design team will suggest you a size suitable to the image and ratio.

Is this question useful?

Q: Can I Use a metal print on table top?

A: We usually provide wall mounting kits along with a metal print but we can also have an option of a wooden easel back for placing it on a table or any surface.

Is this question useful?

Q: What is the minimum and maximum size of a metal print that I can Order?

A: Any size between 8"x 8" to 48" x 60" in any combination, for bigger sizes please contact at

Is this question useful?

Q: Can I place it in a bathroom or humid areas?

A: Yes you can, as it’s an aluminium sheet it won’t affect.

Is this question useful?

Q: What is the thickness, after adding a designer frame to a metal print?

A: It’s around 0.75” – 1.5” depending on the size of the print.

Is this question useful?

Q: Can I use the metal printst for outdoors?

A: Yes, but not for a longer period if it is under direct sunlight.

Is this question useful?

Q: What is the thickness of a metal print?

A: We use 3 mm – 6 mm ( depending on the size ) of thickness for metal prints. It is manufactured to last and should hold the colors and textures for a long time.

Is this question useful?

Q: What technology is incorporated in making a metal print

A: Metal prints are photo prints installed on an aluminium block . They give a very contemporary look to any wall. Favorite among prints used for offices and conference rooms.

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What could be more beautiful, durable and affordable?It doesn't get better than this: durable and low maintenance!
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Frameless
  • UV Resistant
  • Beautiful
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Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Mini Easel

For your desk-size metal prints you'll want to choose the mini easel. All 5"x5" and 5"x7" metal prints are available with the mini easel so they stand independently on any flat surface.


For all your larger free-standing metal prints, the easel is made to work with 8"x8" and all the way up to 11"x17" sizes. Select the easel as your fixture and set your metal photo print anywhere for your enjoyment.

Acrylic Pedestal

Sleek, nearly invisible, your metal print slides into a machined slot on the acrylic pedestal. Your print will stand firm and solid in your acrylic pedestal and take in all the attention it deserves.


When you want your metal print to be a classy wall hanging, why not choose our stud kit? Four studs - like bolts - one for each corner, come in the kit with everything you need to hang your print wherever you choose.

Invisible hanging on back

You can hang your metal print on the wall with the Invisible hanger. Your print will look like it's floating on your wall, yet hang securely with the back hanger.

Surface Options

We offer a white surface for your metal prints because it enhances and brightens your photos. It creates more depth, color saturation and sharper contrast. The white surface is to go-to choice for everything from portraits to candids and will provide an amazing final product with a real WOW! factor.

Surface Options
Matt Finish

Matte Finish or Glossy Finish

One final decision: glossy or matte finish. If you're not sure, here are some things to keep in mind:


Glossy finishes enhance the depth, saturation and contrast provided with the white surface. The glossy finish is the photographer's choice for outdoor and nature shots, everyday snaps and any photo with vibrant colors.


Matte finishes soften the appearance, clarify details and enhance texture. The matte finish provides a non-glare surface and is ideal for shots of architecture or monuments, black and whites, formal/posed shots and larger size work.

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