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Personalised Photo Cushions
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  • Personalised Photo Cushions

    At CanvasChamp, we thrive to serve you with the best photo printing options. Keeping the same passion and taking the bond a step ahead, we feel honoured to introduce our range of glamorous personalised photo cushions to let you express your love to loved ones in more distinct and personalised manner. The custom photo cushions can be used in numerous ways while the feasibility and quality make them an impeccable gift for everyone.

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    Let us share some amazing ideas for printing a custom cushion...

    How intimate it is to have a picture of your beloved one on a pillow of the size you want! Just create it with your intuition be it of a standard size or an extra large size cushion with a photo printed either on single or both the sides.

    Ideas for printing a custom cushion

    A smart phone is enough to get the photo of your choice on a cushion. You will get multiple options to select from a wider range of designs and styles to make a single or double sided photo cushion.

    art print on cushions

    There is always an invisible artiste in every child and it would be great to get the innocent creations of your child on a custom cushion. It's easy to fix- just scan the pic drawn by your child and get it printed.

    Print your pet photo on cushion

    One more out of the box idea would be to personalize cushions with the best moments of your pets, baby or some holiday leisure time captured in camera narrating an intimate story of your bond of love.

    Print your personalised text on pillow

    You can also add some meaning to the whole decorum of your home as well as an office with chair cushion or company logo printed on the photo pillows available in different sizes, styles and designs. It would create a strong bond of your brand with your employees and clients when they are gifted with pillows with the brand logo of your products or services.

    3 easy steps to buy custom pillows

    • Choose a photo

      Choose a photo

      We have our in-house developed design tool, which empowers you to upload your photographs easily using your social media account or laptop/desktop.

    • Personalise it

      Personalise it

      Don’t forget to spend time experimenting our range of customizing options. It’s your photo on a classic cushion, it’s supposed to be perfect.

    • It’s at your doorstep

      It’s at your doorstep

      Every personalised cushion gifts order we receive is crafted and packed with utmost security and shipped to your doorstep without any delay.

    Create a cushion with photo and text of your choice

    The soft cushion pillow with photo and texts gives the feel of warmth and intimacy. It is available in different 10 sizes in the shape you wish it be a Rectangular Photo Cushion or Square Photo Cushions with the high-definition printing of the photo of your choice.

    The photo cushion offered by Canvas Champs is completely hand-sewn and available in 3 different sizes in regular and premium format. This personalised cushion is made up of fine textile with a soft filling and durable zipper. You will always find this photo cushion intact if washed with no more than normal temperature

    Personalised photo cushion with high-quality formats rendering the personal feel and warmth.

    Avail the cushion with the photo of your choice on high-quality textile fabric.

    How wonderful it is to wake up on the soft fine-satin cushion with a photo memory of your delicate past moments. The photo cushion made by Canvas Champs is a fine blend textile work and high-end printing technology that gives the best output in the form of the personalised photo cushion without causing the slightest harm to the feel of your original photo. This photo cushion is available in 40x40 cm size with the softest filling and you will always find this photo cushion intact if washed with no more than 40* C.

    Opt from the plethora of the formats for the photo cushion of your choice.

    We, at Canvas Champs, offer the photo cushions in 3 different sizes with the premium quality of material, print, and quality. The fabric used in making the photo cushion is of superior quality canvas fabric whereas the premium format gives you a borderless photo on a cushion with full area print on the cushion. It is available in the sizes from 30x30cm to 60x60 cm. It will turn out to be a very intimate gift to some you love with an ease of designing and ordering online.

    Photo Cushion Complete View

    Here are some brilliant photo pillows tips and ideas that design your own photo cushions

    sometimes we never know the value and emotions hidden in a photo stored in the heart until they appear before us in a creative way. Here are some modes with which you can create a custom photo cushion with the size and design of your choice.

    Seasonal Pillows

    Cushion Idea 1: Seasonal Pillows

    Each season has its own mood and when it is backed by some creative photo cushions, the living space has an altogether different aura and vibes. For example, summer is the time when you love to spend some leisure time and hence the holiday snaps perfect fit for summer and likewise, you can choose the photos with dark and spooky shades for Halloween. On the other hand, shine up your Christmas and spring with some bright and vibrant photos from your memoire.

    Cushion Idea 2: Add Meaning and Value

    You can customize your photo cushions with some selected attire from the stored collections of photos be it a family get-to-gether, a holiday moment, special events, some sweet memories of your friends. Choose a unique style for a photo cushion from a wide array of illustrations, monograms, and patterns with us and re-incarnate the moments gone-by! You can make unique by a pillow with a photo on the front and back in the best creative your intuition inspires you.

    Cushion Idea 3: Choose a Variety of Sizes

    Whether you wish to gift some a photo cushion or want it for your living room or bedroom, we are here to comply with your every requirement in terms of the pillow size, style and printing. You can avail 30x30 CM to 55x55 CM cushions with the choice of the pattern be it a single photo or a photo collage cushion. You can also pair it with the personalised photo blankets to please everyone in your family.

    Take Care of Your Cushion

    It's Not So Tedious to take Care of Your Cushion:

    Cushions are such things that usually come into direct contact of the kids, pets, or sometimes spills. But no worries at all! The photo cushions made by us are easy to wash (machine wash with 30 degrees) and even after the wash, they seem to be as fresh and new as a lime as the fabric used is wrinkle resistant.

    Easier to make a photo cushion with your mobile device!

    It is no longer a tiring process to design and make a custom photo cushion as you can express your creativity with a mere mobile app. What you need to do is just to select a photo of your choice, decide the size for your photo cushion, upload the photo, crop it if you need and et Voila! You are done with the custom photo cushion. Create your own photo cushion with a few clicks on your mobile device.

    Personalised cushion for loved ones

    Personalised cushion for loved ones

    Be it our personalised rectangle photo cushions or personalised square photo cushions (or some other shape for an instance), comes with zipped cushion covers. Well, this eventually ensures that you can easily take the cover off and wash your cushion to keep it hygienic. Also to mention that our pillows are made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The ink used and certified HP printers affirm that your photo cushion gift won’t leave its bright impression even after several washes.

    Create custom pillow
    Treasure every expression of love and bliss
    • Memorable moments

      Memorable moments

      Whether it’s your solo travel or with your friends and family, our personalised natural cushion and multi photo cushion fit perfectly for every moment.

    • Loved ones

      Loved ones

      Be it the classic Mr&Mrs sharing the sofa personalised cushion or part of wedding anniversary gift ideas, we have a range of options to customize your photo pillows.

    • Achievements


      Attaining benchmarks and cherishing them is indeed a pleasure. You can do the same with our multi photo cushion and other personalised cushion photo gifts.

    Comfort complements durability

    Comfort complements durability

    Personalised cushions at CanvasChamp are crafted by expert artisans and using tried and tested raw materials. Starting from the comfy cushion till the ink used to print your glamorous personalised photo cushion. With a wide range of customizing options and easy to use design tool avails you entire freedom to print your pet photo and name cushion gifts. You can also print a personalised welly boot family cushion or a family tree personalised cushion. Having said this, the choice is all yours. Start shortlisting your favourite pictures and spread the extra love with personalised cushion photo gifts.

    Keep them hygienic

    Be it our personalised rectangle photo cushions or personalised square photo cushions (or some other shape for an instance), comes with zipped cushion covers. Well, this eventually ensures that you can easily take the cover off and wash your cushion to keep it hygienic. Also, the ink used and certified HP printers affirm that your photo cushion gift won’t leave its bright impression even after several washes.

    Create custom pillow
    grab the best of deals with huge wholesale discount
    grab the best of deals with huge wholesale discount

    What has made us an industry leading company is the best deals with quality products. You can grab a huge wholesale discount while ordering your choice of photo cushions. We shall appreciate and comply with your every minute requirement for your photo cushion. Feel free to have a word with us through our customer service.

    Creative Alternatives for Wall Art

    We print your imaginative art. showcase your artistic skills with customized prints. Explore Us!

    Canvas Prints

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    Turn favourite photos into canvas prints with
    framed or gallery wrapped

    Metal Prints

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    Completely Hand Made Photo Pillows with intimate affection

    We, at Canvas Champ, create custom photo pillows with due care and affection. Here is the bunch of the reasons that makes them unique.

    Photo Pillow Gift Idea that stands Unique:

    If there is a thought of giving a unique gift to someone you admire the most and still stick for a unique gift idea, why not to opt for a photo pillow gift! The snaps from the sweet memories of the time spent with your beloved ones always bring a curve of smile and let a photo pillow gift be the cause of smile for someone you love. Whether you wish to opt for a large photo pillow or a custom photo pillow, we are here to assist you to create the one for your unique choice. You can also customize it with personalised text or picture on the cushion.

    Design custom pet photo pillows

    Pets are the messengers of love and peace and a custom pet photo pillow would be a unique way to express your sentiments for the speech-less souls. How intimate it is to get a personalised dog picture on the photo pillow for the pet you already have with you or miss the one that passed away. The custom pet pillows never let you feel away or alone from your paws. You will always feel as if you were in the company of your furry friends with the personalised dog cushions. The custom pillow of your pet never let you be alone especially when you miss your pet so much at the shivering cold nights. Get the face of your pet printed on the soft velvet cushion and make it a long lasting pet memorial cushion.

    Personalised Cushions & Pillows

    • Make it your unique style with the range of customizable cushions and pillows offered by Canvas Champs, with the appealing colour range of black, blue, white and red.
    • The cushions will turn out to be a unique wedding gift or add some value to the decorum of your house. You can avail the custom Personalised cushions with a loving message and a photo of your choice.
    • You will get an outstanding design features on the cushion like a concealed zip, natural colour prints, and smooth canvas material with assured quality.
    • Let the creativity in you flow with the range of unique and highly customizable designs at Canvas Champs. It will be a piece of art displaying the best artistic talents in you when you are planning to gift it to someone for some special occasion or to bring positive vibrations to your home. You can opt from the range of design options of photo cushions to non-photo cushions.
    • In the same way, you can use also use the photo cushion on any sofa to render it a stunning beauty or you can create an elegant family portrait on the cushion to make it a bit off-beat classy taste.

    Personalised Double-Sided Photo Cushion

    One more way to be more creative is to opt for a double-sided photo cushion with Personalised photos of your choice. It would be amazing for the person you wish to gift a photo cushion with the memories of life flashing every now and then. You can select an individual photo on one side and the other events or occasions on the other side and make it a unique gift for your friend or family. The double sided photo cushions are made up of the fine textile structure with full surface print on it and they are completely hand-sewn. There are plenty of designs to choose from to make a custom double sided photo cushion be it a rectangular or a square double sided cushion.

    His & Hers Personalised Cushions

    The personalised cushion is always a memorable gift to your soul-mate especially when they are made with love, affection and a bit of fun. Think of the nickname of your beloved one printed on a velvet cushion with a photo on it! It is the way you can be more romantic and lovey-dovey to your soul-mate when you blend your feelings with a unique gift like personalised photo cushion.

    Superfan Cushions

    When you love, learn and respect an art from someone, as a fan, you always prefer to get closer to your idols. Getting a photo of your idol like Justin Bieber or Jovi on the cushion, it makes a bit different to admire the ones you are a die-hard fan of! You can avail this kind of fan cushions completely customized according to your taste and wish.

    Cushions as Festive gifts

    Every festival has its own stand in our life and when such festival or occasion is blessed with a unique gift like a photo cushion, the days and gifts become unforgettable. Let us assist you to make the day for your beloved one a special one with our personalised photo cushion be it a Christmas, Birthday or Some special day in between. Get it along with the personal text message and a photo of your choice and let it be treasured for the years to come!