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CanvasChamp feels proud to introduce its new product canvas banners. Canvas has been the fine craftsman's surface material since
considerable length of time. This is primarily due to its quality, surface, and flexibility to adopt colors and portray them with perfection.
Even today, canvas is recognized as the material of decision when you are searching for an upscale standard with strength.

Starts at £19.00

Announce the Presence of Your Business, Event, and Party with Our Canvas Banner!

Are your advertising efforts failing you? Are you looking for a high quality and cost-effective solution to make your business the centre the attention? Perhaps, we can be of some help. We can provide you with canvas banners, a solution to ensure your advertising efforts do not go to waste, and we ask, how can it.

We do not offer ready-made canvas banners, but customisable solutions for our customers who need to kick start their slow moving advertising campaign. Unlike other solutions of passing fliers, this solution sticks in your face, focusing you to take a mental note of the writing on it.

Who Should Use Our Custom Canvas Banners?

Custom canvas banners have several different purposes. You should invest in one if you need to promote the following events:

  • Fund-raising events
  • Upcoming fairs
  • Festivals
  • Social events
  • Sports events
  • School events
  • Advertising events
  • Organization or business events
  • And More

Affordable Price without Compromising Quality

We challenge you to match our price with any one of our competitors. If you find a company offering a lower price than us, we will match the price, but wait... there’s more... we will provide you with a 10 percent discount on the price.

If the delivered product does not meet your expectations or requirements such as you detect an error in the design, printing, or material, we will refund or design it again and ship it at no extra charge to you.

We Are Known for Our Speed!

When it comes down to speed, we are way ahead of the pack. We offer a quick turnaround time for our canvas banner printing service. If you have an event around the corner and you need a banner fast, order canvas banners online now!

The Specifications of Our Custom Canvas Banners

The process of designing customized canvas banners is extremely easy. All we need from your end is to upload an image or graphic, select your colour, and choose a size. You can choose up to 58” inches and 100 ft long vertical and horizontal prints, but you also have the option to order custom sizes. To increase the quality, we coat our banners with semi-gloss finish.

We Are One of the Best Suppliers of Canvas Banners UK!

Ask about Canvas Banner and get answer in email.


Q: Hello, I am looking for pricing on a a 2' x 8' banner. The art work will include a a 1' x 1' yellow and black square with large black type. Thank you for your help,Drew

A: A canvas banner with dimensions 2' x 8' would be $72 plus the shipping charges will apply based on the type of shipping that you would prefer. You can upload your file on this link: http://www.canvaschamp.co.uk/canvas-banner . You can also send us the artwork through mail on cs@canvaschamp.co.uk with your order details.

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Q: can you print 5' by 8' banners

A: Yes We can print canvas banners of any sizes up to 54 inches by 54 inches. For further information you can mail us at cs@canvaschamp.co.uk

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