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A Perfect Canvas Banner sizes and Prices for your Business

Choose different Canvas Banner at cheap price

  • Customer Favourite
    Customer Favourite
    • 8”X8”
    • 11”X17”
    • 22”X34”
    • 33”X51”
    • £21.85
    • £21.85
    • £44.85
    • £72.45
  • Square
    • 48”X48”
    • 108”X108”
    • 180”X180”
    • 360”X360”
    • £90.85
    • £389.85
    • £1,052.25
    • £4,157.25
  • Small
    • 24”X24”
    • 36”X72”
    • 72”X48”
    • 24”X72”
    • £35.65
    • £100.05
    • £127.65
    • £72.45
  • Panoramic
    • 36”X108”
    • 48”X144”
    • 72”X240”
    • 240”X720”
    • £141.45
    • £238.05
    • £569.25
    • £5,537.25
  • Large
    • 72”X108”
    • 120”X180”
    • 168”X252”
    • 216”X288”
    • £265.65
    • £707.25
    • £1,369.65
    • £2,004.45

Benefits of a Custom Canvas Banner

  • Value for Money

    They are great because they don’t cost much money to produce. With cheap canvas banners, you can easily sketch your business identity quickly wherever you go. It could turn out to be the best way to promote your products and services, especially at tradeshows and conferences.

  • Easily Customisable

    They can be easily customised using advanced print technology and durable, which means even if they are handled roughly, they won’t tear or crack the printing on it. They are highly smooth and displays a sharp image as compared to other fabric banners.

  • Lightweight to Transport

    Canvas banners are very easy to transport as they are lightweight and adjustable. You can increase your business visibility and brand exposure by relocating the banners as many times as you want. They neatly fold up multiple times to store it even in the smallest carry bag you can have.

  • Eco-friendly

    Since canvas is based on a poly-cotton blend, they are less impactful to the environment than the vinyl or plastic banners. They can be reused and wash as many times as you want and it won’t fade the colours of the print away. This indicates that it is a long-lasting product.

  • Quick to Install

    Custom canvas banners are more comfortable to install without damaging the banner in the process. You can put it up on billboards, streets, signs, hoardings, towers, etc. It can turn out to be the best outdoor marketing tool you can ever invest your business brand.

  • Repetitive

    Banners continue to leave an impression on the potential customer’s mind each time they’re seen. If placed in a high-traffic area, a canvas banner can get a chance to reach the same customer several times a day making it good on the influence needed on the customers about your company.

Best Alternatives of Canvas Banner

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