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Everything You Need to Know About Canvas Prints

By CanvasChampSeptember, 09 2019October, 26 2023Comment

What is Canvas Print? 

An image printed on a canvas to use it as a decor item is known as a canvas print. Canvas prints are available in the hand-stretched form, gallery-wrapped style and even with frames. They are often used in interior decorations of homes, offices, restaurants or any such commercial places with stock images or personalised photos. Canvas prints reproduce an effect of oil paintings or acrylic paintings which makes any photo look like an artwork.

How Are Canvas Prints Made?

Canvases were made of hemp in ancient times, but nowadays they are mostly made of cotton, linen or polyester for mass production. The only that has been among the changes in the fabric is the precision of the colour in the photos. Colour seeps into cloth fabrics; hence, it slightly loses the vividness and vibrancy of the colours in a picture. But in polyester material, they can retain not only the texture of the canvas but also the brightness of the colours.

Canvas Prints Vs Metal Prints

Canvas prints showcase vibrant colours due to absorption of colours into the soft material of cotton. Meanwhile, metal prints are photos printed on a 0.45-inch thick metal sheet which more or less gives a smooth look. But metal prints are more resistant to breakage and damage than the canvas prints.

Canvas Prints Vs Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints is a process by putting up a photo paper on plexiglass and pressing the paper between the glass. This gives vivid colour to the photos on paper marking brilliant depth in it. Photos on acrylic print look as if the photo was printed on the glass directly while a canvas print looks more similar to the texture of a museum-style photo.

What Is the Difference Between Art Prints and Canvas Prints?

Art prints are printed on a cardstock whereas a canvas print is famously printed on a cotton-polyester blend. Although art prints look like poster prints, they differ a lot with the latter and canvas prints in terms of thickness, texture and even coating. But art prints are known to give a crisp detailing to any of your photo put upon it. However, art prints are less pricey than canvas prints.

Photo Printing on Paper vs Printing on Canvas

Paper Canvas Print

Printing on paper has been one of the most convenient ways to showcase photos. They give out particular aesthetics of the pictures which are understood and admired by many people.

Printing on canvas these days has become as cheap as printing on paper. Hence the effect that comes with showcasing a photo on canvas than on a paper is a significant advantage for which people are choosing canvas day-in and day-out to use for decorating their places.

Pros and Cons of Printing on Paper and Canvas

Printing on paper is ideal when doing for smaller hand-handled prints as they give out sharper details. But the major disadvantage of paper prints is that it glares or reflects under light. Also, framing such paper photo prints can be expensive if the print sizes are large.

Printing on canvas is mostly favoured because it gives an effect that of an oil painting. They provide a feel of contemporary look to spaces and also printing them in large sizes are affordable as compared to printing on paper. However, with a terrific texture advantage, it's biggest disadvantage is picking the right photo to print on it. Otherwise, whoever views it will get distracted from the picture and only focus on the texture, look and feel of the canvas.

What Are the Different Types of Canvas Prints Layouts?

Canvas prints have several choices when it comes to layout. There are single canvases that are perfect for making a statement in a room, and then there are multi-panel canvases to organise a story in it. For multi-panels, options from two to up to ten canvas prints are available to make a beautiful gallery feel right in the homes.

What Are the Sizes and Shapes of Canvas Prints?

Not many online stores have enough sizes and shapes when it comes to canvas photo prints. Photo printing on canvas is a creative activity, and the outcome that anyone gets from creating something beautiful on canvas should be sized right. Hence, CanvasChamp offers custom sizing that starts from 8" x 8" to 54" x 54" selected in any requirement of height and width. Also, apart from the regular sizes found generally for canvas which is square and rectangular, we also have a unique option of hexagon-shaped canvas and panoramic canvas that can give a unique look to your home or office.

What Are Large Canvas Prints?

 You can showcase your one favourite photo in large canvas prints to make a bold statement in your home space or office. Even if an image is too small to print it out on a large canvas print, they can be enhanced and worked out for good detailing if the resolution is high of the photo. Large prints start from sizes of 20" x 20" to 54" x 54", and they often showcase details of a picture with full glory.

What Are the Special Occasions for Canvas Prints?

Since a canvas can be created specifically to match your tastes, preferences, or room design and layout, you can design on for literally and simply any occasion. You can print out modern art on canvas prints for artistic home decor or display family photos, vacation trips, holiday specials on it. Graduation photos, wedding photos, anniversary celebrations, birthday party photos, pet photos or even a christening ceremony can be printed to gift to anyone or adorn your very own home.

Canvas Prints Collage Ideas for Gifts

We have an excellent option in canvas photo collage where you can print out up to 140 photos on our pre-designed templates! Also, photo collages on canvas can be made with up to 8 pictures if you want to create them on your own with us. Just imagine gifting a collage to your family, friends or siblings to make a special day even more special. It would turn eagerness to the absolute delight when someone receives a canvas with a photo collage as a gift!

Where and How to Order Canvas Prints?

After knowing all this information, you must have been pretty enthused about getting your very own photo printing on canvas going, right? We are here for you, all you need to do is follow the steps below to get your perfect photos on canvas:

Step 1: Select the Product on our homepage as "Canvas Prints" and click on "Start Order".

Step 2: Go the type of canvas product you want from all the options such as single, wall display, photo collage, hexagon prints, etc

Step 3: Import your photo/s on the editing tool and arrange them on the canvas the way you wish them to be displayed.

Step 4: Pick a custom size or one from the grouped sizes that are popular with us

Step 5: Choose the right wraps, borders and frames that you wish to have on your canvas

Step 6: Decide which hardware option and finishing do you need on your photo on canvas

Step 7: Surf through additional options that we provide such as lamination, minor retouching, major retouching and design proof.

And then you add it to cart once you are all happy and done with your design! It's as simple as it gets! Try out creating one with us today!