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How You Can Personalise Photo Cushions For Your Friends

By CanvasChampNovember, 20 2018February, 21 2023Comment

When it comes to gift something unique to some you love and admire the most, there might be hundreds of ideas and thoughts hovering over your head, and in fact, you can hardly reach a conclusion to go for the gift that makes a difference in meaning and use. Personalised photo cushions are sure to be the most likeable gift for your near and dear ones to express your true sentiments with something special and personal. Here are some insights that will help you work out on 'How to Make a Personalised Photo Pillow for your friends and family'.

 1. Personalised cushion with photo and text:

Personalised cushion with photo and text is one more wonderful option to gift someone in a more unique way. When it's a special time to gift someone you love and admire the most in your life, personalised cushion with a photo from some past memories with a soothing lyrics or a personalised message will serve the purpose all the way. This is the best way to remind someone of the days and times you have spent together in tears and joys and strengthen bond sentiments and emotions.

Nowadays, it is no more a hectic job to make a personalised cushion with photo and text. What you are required to do is just to select a photo of your choice and pen the special message you wish to put with the photo on an online portal. You can also select a more relating design from varieties of design options along with the pattern of the fonts.

2. Rectangular Photo Cushion:

The photo cushions available in rectangular shape make a decent decorum of your home with outstanding photo prints of your choice. These cushions give you an opportunity to express the hidden creativity in you as you can customize the way you want to decorate your home. You can opt from a range of the designs and patterns available on line and design the rectangular photo cushion of your choice with the photos that portray the emotions and fun together.

3. Square Photo Cushion:

Square photo cushions are also most in demand to decorate home in a unique way. Square photo cushions are comparatively more suitable for the drawing room. Square photo cushion with the photos of someone near to you, names or poetry will definitely complement the space where they are placed and an unforgettable gift for your beloved one.

 4. Personalised Baby Cushion:

Children are the forms of God and they love everything that emits love and affection. Personalised baby cushions are one of the ways to express your love for your baby. The personalised baby cushions made up of soft velvet fabric give them extra warmth and comfort.

 It is no more a tedious task to create a custom baby cushion nowadays. Just select a pic of your choice from the memories of past, add the texts or a message if you wish to make it more personalised with, select the design and upload your favourite photo. 

5. Personalised Name Cushion:

Someone would say, "What's there in a name?" but there is always something special in a name as it is an identity given and accepted to a person by the people who love and admire someone. Hence, a gift of a photo pillow with a personal name makes a difference. Be the special in all the way and means by gifting a pillow with the name of the person intimate and closer to your heart and soul.

 Once again, making a personalised name cushion is extremely easy. Just type the name of your beloved one on our online design tool, confirm the pattern and fonts and upload it. You will be delivered with a beautiful name cushion made up from a superior quality material and print ink.

6. Personalised Text Cushion:

Words have healing powers and when they are from the near and dear ones they make a deeper impact. When you are planning to gift someone with a unique gift, it would be amazing to gift him/her with a personalised text on a photo pillow that conveys the message in your heart. You may choose poetry or lyrics of the favourite poet of your beloved one and just upload the same with your mobile device. Choose a pattern or style from the range of the designs available on line and that's it.

 7. Personalised Family Cushion:

A strong bond with family stands against any challenging situations and it can be built in a number of ways but the best through love and affection that each family member shares! You can create an inspiring personalised family cushion portraying the unity and bond of love among your family members.

 What you need to do is to just collect and compile the photos of the past memories of some special events, get-together, birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, or even when you are on a holiday vacation. Let them be on a personalised family cushion and make a beautiful full spectrum photo collage on the cushion. It would remind the best time you have spent together to each of your family members.

A quick look at the steps How to make personalised photo pillows for your friends and family:

 1. Select the style or pattern of your choice:

First, you need to finalize the shape or pattern you wish to make the cushion of. There are varieties of styles like large floor cushions, heart shape cushions, rectangular shape photo cushion, square shape cushion etc

2. Select the fabric of your choice:

The choice of the material depends on the use you wish to make of! There are multiple options available to choose from. For example, you need to decide whether you want to make a designed cushion for the purpose of decoration of your living room or you wish to customize the cushion for your bedroom or guest room.

3. Finalize the custom cushion design options:

Whether you wish to gift a photo cushion to someone near to you or for your home decoration, you need to decide the reverse colour, feather or polyester padding, zip pendant pattern, the colour of the fonts of the text etc. This is important especially to make your cushion a unique one.

4. Upload the photos or designs:

This is the stage where you can start designing your own cushion. You can have the help of the online designing tool where you need to upload the photos of your choice. Moreover, if you intend to make double sided photo cushion and get the plethora of options for ready-to-use designs or can opt for your own choice of the photo cushion creation

5. Finalize your design with editing options:

Before you place an order, just have a look at the cushion you have finalized with its design and it would be prudent to go through every minute feature of the design and confirm that the cushion matches your all the expectations. Moreover, you will also get the suggestions from the online tool about the photo cushion design in respect to its size, quality and whether re-sizing of any photo or text is needed or not!

 CanvasChampTM is an industry leading company and much acclaimed for their quality products and timely services. Hence, you are sure to get highly customized photo cushions that perfectly match the purpose for which they are meant. You can make the photo cushions with the photos, slogans or the graphic designs according to the purpose for which you wish to create an artistic piece.

With the help of our online photo cushion designing tool, you can opt from a variety of icons, shapes, additional details to decorate the photo cushion in your own unique way. You can also create a photo collage to enliven the special events, memories or time you have spent together with your beloved ones. You can make it an unforgettable gift or a unique piece of decoration with extra soft feather padding with various kinds of cushions like throw cushion sets, floor cushions or baby cushion.

Let the personalised photo pillow be a unique and unforgettable gift for some you love and admire the most in your life. It will not only reflect your emotions and feelings but will also highlight the taste of your art in it.