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Multiple Usage Areas of Custom Canvas Prints

By CanvasChampSeptember, 13 2023September, 13 2023Comment

In the creative heart of every home across the UK, the style of canvas prints tells a story. Versatile, vibrant, and unapologetically personal, these masterpieces offer an artistic avenue. Where traditional wall hangings once reigned supreme, now custom canvas prints for home have staked their claim in their diverse and captivating styles.

These captivating styles of canvas prints, round or triangular, heart or hexagonal, are not just enhancing the aesthetics of homes; they're transforming them into bespoke galleries, each bearing the unique imprint of its inhabitants. Stay tuned as we explore the vast and exciting landscape of custom canvas prints, unlocking the doors to a world of decorative possibilities.

From the moment you set your eyes on this blog, prepare to embark on a journey of artistic exploration, where the magic of custom canvas prints can reshape your spaces, redefine your style, and, ultimately, reflect your story. Simple, beautiful, transformative - the power of custom canvas prints.

Transforming Spaces: Canvas Print Styles 

Venture into the exciting realm of custom canvas prints with CanvasChamp, where artistry meets imagination. With the style of canvas prints that range from traditional single prints to innovative hexagons and heart canvases, each piece is a statement of personal flair. Whether it's a journey through memory lane with photo collages or creating striking wall displays, we're here to transform your cherished moments into bespoke art pieces. Come, let's redefine style together.

Single Print Canvas

A Single Print Canvas is a custom canvas print type that features one image or design stretched over a wooden frame. This style is an ideal choice when you have one specific image you want to highlight and display, such as a breathtaking landscape, beautiful portrait, inspirational quote, or artwork.

Unique Ideas To Hang Single Print Canvas:

Home Bar: Enhance your home bar area with a single canvas print for home showcasing a vintage wine label, a refreshing cocktail recipe, or a captivating city skyline.

Walk-in Closet: Turn your walk-in closet into a stylish dressing area by displaying fashion-inspired single custom canvas prints featuring a runway scene or a chic clothing pattern.

Hotel Rooms: Elevate the ambience of hotel rooms by hanging single print canvases featuring local landmarks, abstract art, or serene landscapes, creating a beautiful and welcoming environment for guests.

Round Canvas:

Round Canvas is a custom canvas print that deviates from the traditional rectangular or square shape and takes on a circular form. It is a unique and eye-catching alternative to conventional canvas prints, adding a touch of modernity and artistic appeal to any space.

Unique Ideas To Hang Round Canvas:

Statement Mirror Alternative: Replace a traditional mirror with a round canvas featuring an intricate design or a captivating abstract artwork. This living room canvas print will serve as an eye-catching centrepiece.

Reception Area: A large, impactful round canvas print in the reception area can make a strong first impression on visitors. Choose an image or artwork that aligns with your company's brand or mission.

Door Decor: Hang a round canvas print for home next to or on the balcony door. It can provide an interesting focal point and elevate the overall aesthetics of your space.

Triangle Canvas:

Triangle Canvas is a distinctive style of canvas print that features a triangular shape. It offers a modern, geometric aesthetic, adding a unique visual element to any space. When hanging Triangle Canvas, you can create dynamic and visually striking arrangements.

Unique Ideas To Hang Triangle Canvas:

Dining Area: If your kitchen also includes a dining space, consider hanging triangle Kitchen canvas prints on the wall adjacent to your dining table. It could add a contemporary, artistic touch to your meals.

Living Room Decor: Create a floating effect by suspending Triangle Canvases from your ceiling using transparent threads or wires. These innovative living room canvas prints

adds a sense of weightlessness and adds a unique dimension to the room.

Accent Corner: Use a single large Triangle Canvas as a bold accent piece in the corner of a room. This custom canvas print's unique shape will draw attention and serve as a focal point, adding an intriguing element to the overall decor.

Heart Canvas:

Heart Canvas refers to a special type of custom canvas print shaped like a heart, symbolising love, affection, and emotional connections. Heart Canvas adds a touch of romance and sentimentality to any space, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to create a loving and heartfelt ambience.

Unique Ideas To Hang Heart Canvas:

Bedroom Accent: Hang a large Heart Canvas above the bed as a focal point in the bedroom. Choose a design that resonates with you and your partner, such as a romantic quote, a couple's silhouette, or a breathtaking sunset. These canvas prints for home will infuse the room with warmth and love.

In Front of the Yoga Mat: Place a heart-shaped canvas on the wall where you roll out your yoga mat. This could serve as a focal point during exercises, promoting positive feelings.

Home Office Inspiration: Place a smaller Heart Canvas on your home office desk or hang it on the wall near your workspace. Choose a design that inspires and motivates you, such as a heart-shaped mandala or a quote about following your passion. Such office canvas prints will add a touch of love and positivity to your work environment.

Oval Canvas:

Oval Canvas is a unique and elegant variation of canvas prints for home, featuring an elongated oval shape. It adds a touch of sophistication and grace to any space, creating a visually pleasing and distinctive aesthetic. Oval Canvas offers a creative canvas choice for those seeking to break away from traditional rectangular or square formats and infuse their decor with artistic refinement.

Unique Ideas To Hang Oval Canvas:

Bohemian Chic Corner: Create a bohemian-inspired corner by hanging an Oval Canvas featuring intricate patterns, dreamcatchers, or mandala designs. Combine these canvas prints for home with floor cushions, textured textiles, and lush plants to cultivate a cosy and eclectic space for relaxation and self-expression.

Dressing Table: Replace a conventional mirror with an Oval Canvas above a vanity table or in a bathroom. Opt for a floral motif, a serene landscape, or an abstract composition to create a unique and artistic bathroom canvas print that adds a touch of sophistication to your daily routines.

In the Staircase: Due to their unique shape, oval canvases can be perfect for hanging along a curved staircase wall, creating an engaging visual line.

Wall displays Canvas:

Wall Displays Canvas offers a captivating way to transform your walls into dynamic and visually stunning showcases of art and memories. This style of canvas print allows you to combine multiple canvases in various sizes and arrangements, creating a cohesive and personalised wall display that tells a unique story. Wall Displays Canvas is a versatile choice that adds depth, texture, and an artistic touch to any space.

Unique Ideas To Hang Wall Display Canvas:

Travel Adventure Wall: Create a wall display of custom canvas prints showcasing photos from different destinations, arranged in a map-like pattern or scattered creatively to evoke a sense of wanderlust in your home office or study.

Art Studio: Experiment with sizes, orientations, and artistic styles to arrange a collection of gallery canvas prints showcasing abstract art for a visually stimulating and thought-provoking wall display in a contemporary art studio.

Room Décor for the 'Just Graduated' Child: Celebrate significant dates, quotes, and images by creating a personalised wall display of custom canvas prints in your child's bedroom, serving as a constant reminder of cherished memories of their convocation ceremony.

Photo Collage Canvas:

Photo Collage Canvas offers a beautiful and artistic way to bring together a collection of treasured photographs in a single style of canvas print. It allows you to combine multiple images seamlessly, creating a cohesive and visually captivating collage that tells a story, evokes memories, or celebrates loved ones.

Unique Ideas To Hang Photo Collage Canvas:

Television Wall: Hang your living room canvas prints as a photo collage canvas on the wall opposite your TV. When the TV is off, your attention will naturally drift to the photo collage, offering a soothing view of cherished memories.

Coffee Corner: If you have a coffee station in your kitchen, hang a photo collage canvas - one of our popular kitchen canvas prints - above it featuring photos of memorable family breakfasts or coffee moments. It could create a nostalgic corner that brightens your mornings.

Outdoor Seating Area: Display a photo collage canvas of vibrant, café-themed images or local outdoor scenes to complement the exterior ambience.

Hexagon Prints Canvas:

Hexagon Prints Canvas refers to a unique style of canvas print that features a hexagonal shape. With its distinctive shape, Hexagon Prints Canvas provides a creative canvas for those seeking a stylish and eye-catching way to showcase their photographs, artwork, or designs.

Unique Ideas To Hang Photo Collage Canvas:

For A Large Living Room: Arrange several hexagon Canvas prints for home into a honeycomb pattern on a large living room wall. Each hexagon could represent different family members or memorable moments.

Menu Wall For Cafes: Showcase your menu items or ingredients in hexagon-style canvas prints to create a food art wall.

Common Meeting Area: Display hexagon office canvas prints featuring core company values or inspiring quotes in the common meeting area. The unusual shape can spark conversation and reinforce corporate culture.

Split Canvas:

Split Canvas is a captivating and artistic way of presenting images or artwork by dividing them into separate panels or sections. With this style of canvas prints, the image is printed on multiple canvases, usually two or three, which are then arranged side by side to form a complete and cohesive composition.

Unique Ideas To Hang Split Canvas:

Across Rooms: For a very adventurous design choice, consider starting a split custom canvas print in one room and ending it in another, creating a sense of continuity between the two spaces.

Break Room For Employees: Brighten the employee break room with split office canvas prints featuring a relaxing or inspirational image, like a serene beach or a majestic mountain range.

Outdoor Patio at Cafes: Add a weather-resistant split canvas featuring a local landscape or something that complements your restaurant's theme.

Photo Mosaic Canvas:

Photo Mosaic Canvas is a type of artwork comprising many smaller photos, which, when viewed from a distance, come together to form one larger image. This style of canvas prints is a creative way to display multiple pictures that have sentimental value and, at the same time, create a unique piece of wall art.

Unique Ideas to Hang a Photo Mosaic Canvas:

Corner Focus: Consider hanging your photo mosaic canvas in a corner where two walls meet. Such living room canvas prints will allow for a unique viewing experience as the perspective changes from different parts of the room.

Staircase Display: Hanging the mosaic canvas along a staircase can make for an impressive and evolving display as one ascends or descends the stairs.

As a Room Divider: If you have a larger office canvas print, you can hang it at your Art studio or office from the ceiling using a strong wire system to act as a room divider. It will give the space a unique, artistic touch.

Lyric on Canvas:

Lyric on Canvas is a modern art form where favourite song lyrics, quotes from music, or even personalised words are written, painted, or printed onto a canvas. It's a way to visually express one's affection for a particular song or a lyric line that resonates deeply.

Unique Ideas to Hang Lyric on Canvas:

Photo Booth At Wedding venues: Incorporate smaller lyric canvases in your photo booth props. Such style of canvas prints can serve as meaningful and fun elements in your guests' pictures.

Valentine's Party: Welcome your guests with a lyric canvas featuring a classic love song near the entrance of the party venue.

Karaoke Stage Background: Display a series of canvases featuring lyrics from popular karaoke songs as a backdrop. Lyrical custom canvas prints can set the tone and get people in the singing mood.

Digital Painting Canvas:

Digital Painting Canvas is a piece of artwork that has been created digitally using advanced drawing and painting software. These custom canvas prints are a modern take on traditional painting mediums and can be printed on a canvas for display.

Unique Ideas to Hang a Digital Painting Canvas

Cocktail Bar: Hang a digital painting canvas behind the bar, perhaps something romantic like a Parisian café scene or a couple dancing.

Play Area: Hang a vibrant digital painting canvas in the play area. This could be a whimsical custom canvas print featuring your child's favourite storybook characters or animals.

Hotel Restaurants or Cafes: Display digital painting canvases aligned with the theme of the restaurant or cafe in the hotel. For example, abstract food art for a modern restaurant or digital landscapes for a nature-themed cafe.

Quotes on Canvas:

Quotes on canvas are a unique form of wall decor that involves printing or painting inspirational, motivational, or meaningful quotes onto a canvas. These styles of canvas prints can make a statement, offer daily inspiration, or add an element of personal touch to your decor.

Unique Ideas to Hang Quotes on Canvas:

Children's Room: Use a quote that inspires creativity, dreaming, or learning in a child's room to encourage them as they grow and learn.

Customer Service: In customer service or sales departments, hang an office canvas print with quotes emphasising customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Hotel Rooms or Hallways: Quotes about travel, adventure, or relaxation can enhance the guest experience and tie in with the hotel theme.

Canvas Bus Roll:

A Bus Roll, also known as a tram, scroll or destination roll, is a type of wall decor that originated from the traditional roll signs in old trams and buses. These have been repurposed into unique home decor pieces, often customised to display a series of favourite travel destinations, significant places, or meaningful names.

Unique Ideas to Hang Bus Rolls:

Office Hallways: Display office canvas bus rolls featuring the various locations of the company's offices or branches worldwide.

Home Entrance: A Canvas Bus Roll listing places you've travelled to or wish to visit can make for an interesting piece that welcomes guests into your home.

Library or Study Room: You can hang a Canvas Bus Roll featuring famous literary quotes or names of your favourite books.

Canvas Banner:

Canvas banners are pieces of canvas fabric that have been printed or painted on and then typically hung from a rod. They can be used for various purposes, from advertising to decorative wall art, and can feature a range of designs, from quotes and images to unique patterns. 

Unique Ideas to Hang Canvas Banners:

Retail Stores: Change your canvas banner according to seasons or holidays. For instance, a "Happy Holidays" custom canvas print banner for Christmas or a "Hello Spring" banner for the start of spring.

Break Rooms or Cafes: Office Canvas print banners can be used to promote daily specials, events, or employee achievements.

Hotel Lobbies or Event Spaces: Use canvas banners to highlight hotel amenities, special events, or promotions.

Pop Art Canvas:

Pop Art Canvas refers to art pieces that draw inspiration from the pop art movement, characterised by its bold, colourful, and often whimsical designs. This style of canvas prints

often incorporates elements from popular culture, such as advertisements, comic books, or celebrity figures.

Unique Ideas to Hang Pop Art Canvas:

Thematic Airbnb Rooms: If your Airbnb rooms have themes, hang pop art canvases that align with those themes. For instance, a beach-themed room could feature pop art of classic surf culture.

Side Walls: The side walls that run parallel to the bed often provide ample space for displaying art. Hang this style of canvas prints on one of these walls so it's the first thing your guests see when they walk in or wake up.

Opposite the TV: The wall opposite the TV or entertainment centre usually has enough space for artwork. Guests or your family can enjoy the artwork while relaxing in bed.

Word Art Canvas:

Word Art Canvas involves creating visually appealing designs or images using words, phrases, or quotes. The words can form shapes, patterns, or images and be personalised for a specific message or theme.

Unique Ideas to Hang Word Art Canvas:

Besides Your Bookshelf: Create a word art custom canvas print using a quote or phrase from your favourite book and hang it beside your bookshelf.

Above the Bar: Hang a Word Art Canvas featuring drink-related quotes, cocktail names, or funny sayings about wine or coffee.

Conference Room: A Word Art Office Canvas print featuring a motivational quote or business mantra can set the tone for meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Budget-Friendly Custom Canvas Deals

You've now learned about the style of canvas prints available and the unique ways to display them. Think about how you could transform your space - your cosy home, professional office, or even a chic hotel setting. What if you could do all this and save money too?

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Canvas Wrap Types

When customising your artwork, the choice of gallery canvas print style is just one part of the story. Another crucial aspect is how the canvas is wrapped around its frame - the "canvas wrap". The right canvas wrap can enhance each canvas style we've discussed, from photo collages to pop art.

Why consider canvas wraps? The wrap style directly influences the visual appeal of your art piece. It determines how your image continues on the canvas edges, thus impacting its overall presentation and the viewer's spatial perception.

At CanvasChamp, there are typically five types of canvas wraps you can choose from:

Mirror Wrap

With the Mirror Wrap option, your selected style of canvas print is artfully wrapped around the canvas frame. This depends on your chosen thickness, either 0.50" or 0.75". This wrap style ensures that important elements near the canvas edges of the image don't get lost during the wrapping process, which might happen in an Image Wrap.

Image Wrap

Image Wrap is a common choice for canvas edges in the world of custom canvas prints. In this approach, either 0.50" or 0.75" from the image's sides extends over the canvas frame's edges. This method may slightly crop your images on the front of the canvas.

Custom Colour Wrap

Are you looking to blend your canvas prints style with your wall colour seamlessly? The Custom Colour Wrap is a perfect choice. It lets you pick a colour from our palette that matches your wall, ensuring your custom canvas prints complement your interiors flawlessly.

White Border Colour

Opting for a white border adds an ethereal quality to your custom canvas prints, making your artwork appear as if it's floating off light-coloured walls. It's an ideal choice for photos with a lot of light areas.

Black Border Colour

For a classic, timeless look, consider the Black Border Colour option. This style keeps the image at the forefront while leaving the canvas edges with a solid black colour, adding a bold frame to your canvas prints and turning them into enduring pieces of canvas artwork.


The power and potential of custom canvas prints truly shine when you take the time to explore and understand the various styles of canvas prints and wrap types available. Whether you prefer a Gallery Wrap for a seamless, museum-quality display or a Mirror Wrap to extend the edge of your photo, there's a style to suit every aesthetic and space at CanvasChamp.

The beauty of these custom canvas prints can be accentuated in any setting—be it your cosy living room, inspiring home office, bustling restaurant, or creative Airbnb space.

Remember, there's no hard and fast rule for where to hang your canvas prints. Our suggestions serve as a starting point to ignite your creativity. Let your space, personality, and artwork guide you. Your environment should resonate with you and tell your unique story.

As you continue to explore and experiment with various styles of canvas prints, we at CanvasChamp are here to provide you with top-quality products, a vast array of options, and exceptional service. Create your custom canvas prints with us today!