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The Beauty of Laminated Canvas Prints with CanvasChamp

By CanvasChampAugust, 29 2019October, 26 2023Comment

Our customers usually ask us about laminating options on their canvas prints. Many people don't know the reason why lamination is done on canvas at all. Well, laminating a canvas is the most effective method to protect art from a harsh environment or rough use. A UV resistant coating can help a custom canvas print last without any damage for more than 70 years. A house without paint might look okay, but with a protective layer can make it look magnificent for years, right? The same goes for a canvas print.

Lamination on canvas prints protects it in many ways. It prevents from scratching of the print that is possible to happen, especially during any transportation of it. Photo canvas prints on its own are vulnerable and even lose their lifespan if they happen to be handled poorly. So the protective coating over it can protect your favourite photos from mishandling and also protect the canvas from water damage. Humidity is one of the main reasons why a lamination is suggested for the same. It shrinks the fabric of the canvas and discolours the print of the photo on it. Hence, a protective coating doesn't let this happen. Also, it makes the cleaning and maintaining a canvas smooth as well. Just wipe a damp cloth on a laminated canvas to remove dust or fingerprints off it.

A good-quality lamination on canvas prints will not only protect but also enhance the colours and contrast of the photo on it. A suitable laminate cover is entirely invisible, does not draw attention on itself but instead lets you focus on the picture well. It brings out the colours of the print along with the vibrancy and depth of a photo.

However, if you print a photo on canvas with us, then we'll already let you know that an unlaminated canvas will last around 50 years even if it is regularly going to be exposed to light and UV rays. It is due to the UV resistant inks that we use, but if you ask for lamination on canvas prints then the life of your canvas will double!

Now you might think that you don't want a canvas to last for 50 to 100 years, but then what's the guarantee that the print will be fine as long as you want then? Preventing any physical damage is the main issue here, whether it is from dropping the canvas, scrapping it or any accident if water, juice spill by the kids while playing. Without a lamination coat on art, especially in the tropical conditions can end up with fungus or mould on it. And then later, an unlaminated would be impossible to clean without damaging the photo print on it.

Some online stores or street stores don't bother with lamination at all and even at times recommend against it! That is mainly because the lamination will make them cost more money, time and efforts. So instead they hand over the photo canvas prints to their customers just the way it is without even a primer coating of it which is kind of necessary. Lamination coating only and only adds quality to the canvas and also longevity to it.

At CanvasChamp, it is essential for us that we give our customers as much satisfaction as we can try from their canvas from us. We always assure that the art they choose will look great, not be rushed in any way and will stand the test of time.

Our recommendation is never to buy an un-laminated canvas print if you want your print to last more than a couple of years.