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Design A Personalised Pen Drive On CanvasChamp In Seconds

Design A Personalised Pen Drive On CanvasChamp In Seconds

Keep your data safe most convincingly - get an engraved pen drive that lasts long!

Information, data, photos all are more vulnerable than ever. Now, never compromise losing your valuable data - save everything necessary on custom pen drives. These flash drives work as the best data storage alternatives and are much easier to carry than hard drives.

It’s time to make your clientele feel touched by presenting them with a custom pen drive, ranked as one of the best and most popular promotional items. Give credit card style pen drives or engraved flash drives to employees on their remarkable achievements and tell them softly - you value their hard work!

Personalised Pen Drive Specifications

Personalised Pen Drive Specifications

Preview the most extensive range of custom USB flash drives and engraved pen drives before purchasing!

Visiting Card Pendrive

  • Material: Plastic
  • Printing Technology: UV Print on Pen drive
  • Print Side: Front & Back Printing
  • Storage: 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB
  • Height: 5.7 CM
  • Width: 8.75 CM

Data Traveler Pen Drive

  • Material: Steel
  • Printing Technology: Laser Engraving
  • Print Side: Front & Back Printing
  • Storage: 16GB, 32GB & 64 GB
Durable in Quality Fashionable in Design - Custom Pen drives

Durable in Quality Fashionable in Design - Custom Pen drives

Engrave a logo or Print Photos on Pen Drive - Style it the way you like!

Want to share data, essential files, business presentations to clients securely? Now customised engraved pen drives on CanvasChamp, get your business logo or brand name engraved on it, and deliver it to your preferred location.

These pen drives will not only allow your clients to access data securely, but the free space will allow them to store their personal file and carry them anywhere.

Are you looking for a custom gift for different occasions, personal usage, or business promotions? We bring you five different pen drive customisation options as per your convenience, usability, and choice.

Visiting Card Pen Drive

Design an absolutely outstanding and stylish visiting card with a pen drive. Now don’t lose your pen drive as you can always carry it in your wallet. Whenever you want to transfer data or get a print, just take out a plastic card cum pen drive from your pocket, and you are good to go!

Wait, the things don’t end here! Via our UV print technology, you can print your favourite photos on both sides, and we will send pen drives in a plastic protective cover.

Data Traveler Pen Drive

Introducing the all-new Custom Data Traveler Pen Drive – the pinnacle of personalized storage solutions. We firmly believe that your pen drive should not only serve as a reliable data storage device but also be a reflection of your unique style and taste. That's why we are thrilled to offer an expansive range of customization options, ensuring that your personalised pen drive stands out from the crowd and perfectly aligns with your individuality.

With this custom pen drive, you get an opportunity to engrave your preferred text or logo on both sides of the pen drive. Whether you choose to engrave your name, a meaningful initial, or a distinctive logo, our customizable pen drives are designed to make a lasting impression. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that exudes sophistication and uniqueness.

Embrace the power of personalization and elevate your data storage experience with our Custom Traveler Pen Drives.