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Custom Photo Rubik’s Cubes

Custom Photo Rubik’s Cubes

Improve your muscle memory by solving a classic brain training toy!

Custom Rubik’s Cubes are a highly unique and desirable way for customers to design personalized photo puzzle gifts.

These custom photo Rubik’s Cubes will bring new excitement and interest to your photos. Cubes are printed on each of six sides using UV inks for maximum adherence and fade resistance.

Personalized Rubik’s Cubes are fantastic gifts for family and friends who want to showcase their favorite photos in a unique way.

CanvasChamp is delighted to add customizable Rubik’s Cubes to our selection of personalized photo products. Customers will be able to design their very own completely custom version of this classic and unique photo puzzle.

Rubik cube has always been a popular game since the 90s. And why not? It is fun and gives your brain muscles much-needed exercise. So, we have a surprise for you. Your favorite puzzle is now available in personalized form. You heard that right! CanvasChamp brings your personalized Rubik cubes that take the puzzle to a whole new level!

This better and more beautiful version will surely draw eyeballs everywhere you take it along. Gift it to yourself or get it for your children. We are sure everyone would love it. Personalize your Rubik today with CanvasChamp.

Unique Ideas to Customize on Rubik’s Cube

  • Your company’s logo.
  • Your team’s group photo.
  • Couple photos.
  • Christmas Celebrations’ photos.
  • Custom Motivational Quotes.
UV Printed Inks
Lightweight, six-sided print, customised design
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Rubik’s Cube Details

Rubik’s Cube Details

Each cube is 5 x 5 CM square with images and text printed directly onto the plastic surface using UV inks for maximum adhesion and fade resistance. Each side of the custom Rubik’s Cube can be personalized with

  • Cube Size: 5 x 5 CM
  • Customization: Photos
  • Material: Plastic
  • Printing Media: UV-printed inks
  • Others Features: Lightweight, six-sided print, customized design

Consider ordering personalized Rubik’s Cubes for birthdays, holiday celebrations, schools, business advertising giveaways, fundraising gifts, contest prizes. You can even pair them with other personalized photo gifts or puzzles to make a fun game-themed present.

How to Design a Custom Rubik’s Cube

How to Design a Custom Rubik’s Cube

Customers will be able to easily upload photos via the CanvasChamp.com online design tool to create their own unique and completely custom Rubik’s Cube photo product. The first step is to decide an overall design theme with photos to match. Possible themes might be kids, pets, holidays, movies, music, or just about any topic you can think of!

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to print on your cube, upload your photos, images into our online design tool. From there we’ll take you step by step through all the options you have available until you’ve completed a design to your satisfaction. Once you’re ready, simply click the order button and we’ll do the rest!

As with many other personalized products available through CanvasChamp.com, customers can create completely customized Rubik’s Cubes totally online. Our site is very user-friendly to quickly and easily customize your order. All standard graphics formats are acceptable, and an array of fonts are available.