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With wood prints, you can creatively attain perfection

Be it a single picture or a collection to narrate some story. You have a list of options to fit your need.

We print the way you imagined

At Canvas Champ we present you a range of customising options. You just need to think of the size and the way you want, our team builds it for you. Well, yes the imaginations do come true.

  • 8” x 8” Wood Print

    8" x 8" Wood Print

  • 8" x 10" Wood PrintOut of Stock

    8" x 10" Wood Print

  • 11"x14" Wood Print

    11"x14" Wood Print

  • 16"x 20" Wood Print

    16"x 20" Wood Print

Turn grand moments to grandeur

Well, it isn’t just the size, you can further enrich the look of your photos on wood. We are talking about dictating the story through panel wood printing. Do you have a story to share?

Photo Wood Prints

Single Piece Wood prints

Your basic partner to share your special moments through wood prints. Choose the most memorable picture and let us imprint it with high-end expertise.

Best Wood Prints

Four Piece Wood prints

We don’t want you to confine your imagination or love. This is why our team of experts give you the rights to share your special moments loud and clear.

Memories on Wood Prints

Three Wood Print Panels

Take your creativity to next level and don’t just share a moment. With three-piece wood panels, you can adorn your photographs with perfection defined creatively.

Personalise your wood print to express your personal feelings

We understand how special your loved ones and the moments you spend are for you. This is why we let you decide the way your wood print must look while maintaining quality. Here’s how:

Product Details

Unique Wood Prints

Define the thickness

To ensure that your wood print looks perfect and remains lightweight, our experts recommend using 12MM as idol thickness. The width is also considered for its durability.

Wood Print Photo Gifts

The special touch

To ensure that your wood prints deliver maximum visibility by keeping off the glare, we have two matte finishes; white and natural and we know how to use them wisely.

Hanging options in wood prints

Hanging options

All our wood prints are equipped with standard hooks, which means that you can hang the picture without any hassle. In addition, the image will not lie flat against the wall; instead, it will be mounted almost half an inch away from the wall, depending on how your nails are in the wall that will give it a floating effect.

Kind of Wood Prints

The quality of wood

After thorough analysis, our experts rely on Chromaluxe Wooden Panels to build best quality wood prints for you.

Quality Wood Prints

Image resolution and DPI printing

It isn't just the panels that make quality wood prints, we consider 1040 as the best Digital Photography Imaging (DPI) for printing.

High Quality Materials

The material we use

While every wood print gets directly printed on wood. We use permanent UV which not only reflects unique natural patterns of the wood but also ensures that it stay with you forever.

We are known to deliver quality-satisfaction

Our customers don’t just love us for our wood prints, but they also love us for our services

  • With passion comes excellence
  • Proven standards
  • Nourish forever
  • Prioritizing delivery
  • Wood Photo Prints

    Take a step to preserve nature

    By printing photos on wood, you can take a step towards preventing the environment. The technology and colours we use, help us build eco-friendly wood prints for you.

  • What is Wood Printing

    Know what is wood printing?

    While to some, it might look like rocket science, but wood printing is all about printing photos on woods directly. And yes, when we say printing, we mean it. The process isn’t like the traditional photo mounting or dye.

  • Wood Prints

    Your reliable alternative to canvas prints

    At CanvasChamp we don’t just want to let you share memories and preserve them, but we try to do that in most creative ways.

Print your pictures on wood and preserve the memories for years

Let our wood prints add life to your splendid memories

Some memories have special place in our heart

The reason we take pictures of some special moments and keep them secure is that they have a special place in our heart. However, if you really want to keep these special moments forever, we believe a digital copy isn’t enough. Print them on wood, and let your home speak the language of love.

Well, if you are still wondering about the occasions that you can choose. Here are some of the most used occasions;

  • Birthday Photos
    Birthday Photos
    Art Print - Vintage Car
    Art Print - Vintage Car
    Preserve Travel Memories
    Preserve Travel Memories
    Natural Art Flowers
    Natural Art Flowers
    Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
  • Favorite Pet Photos
    Favorite Pet Photos
    House Warming Gifts
    House Warming Gifts
    Memorial Photos
    Memorial Photos
    Wedding Photos
    Wedding Photos

Want to place an order? Here’s how

To add ease to your buying experience we have ensured making it possible in four simple steps

  • Upload the picture
  • Choose size and layout
  • Personalise it
  • Place the order