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Desk Calendars

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are the best to not just keep a tab on the important dates of the month, but also have something nice displayed on your desk. Canvas Champ offers artistically made customized desk calendars to enhance your office desk and cabin. Theme based desk calendars like holiday, birthday parties or simply some of the most memorable moments of your life etched in a calendar look wonderful in office spaces, merging seamlessly with the interior. They also merge the traditional photo frames and calendars into one, helping you use your desk space more efficiently.

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Wall Calendars

Wall Calendars

A wall calendar is a must have in offices. Though all laptops and smart phones offer calendars, a wall calendar in your office space lets you plan your month efficiently and also helps you mark important events easily. Arguably, apps and laptops also have this feature; it is still the best to have the important events marked right in front of you to help you remember them well. An eye catchy wall calendar with your favorite quotes, pictures or one with the most special moments spent with your family works well for office spaces. They can be done in different colours according to your office interior.

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Poster Calendars

Poster Calendar

A personalised poster calendar is adorned with every attribute that makes it grab people’s attention. A photo poster calendar lets you share your loved moments creatively. A poster calendar allows you to keep your favorite photos right in front of you always. What are you thinking? Collect your best pictures and add life to them by creating a poster calendar online. To ensure a personalised experience, our team leaves no stone unturned to give you wide range of customization options for your poster calendar. You can not only add photos you love the most, but also choose captions, backgrounds and much more. And yes, our online store keeps your design and progress saved on our highly secured platform.

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Turn your photo into Canvas Prints

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  • Canvas Prints

    Canvas Prints

    Need to fill a larger space? Choose from our attractive range of Canvas Prints.

  • Framed Prints

    Framed Prints

    Make you Photos POP, from Warhol to a range of other EYE Popping effects.Create a masterpiece of your own.

  • Photo Collage

    Photo Collage

    Use your own photos to create your own Photo Collage

  • Pop Art

    Pop Art

    Pixel painting turns your digital photos to a traditional oil painting look.