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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of an entire collage! Enrich someone’s life by creating your own custom photo collage gifts.

  • Personalized Photo Mugs

    Personalized Photo Mugs

    Create a personal narrative with your custom photo collage mug! Collage together individual photos to instantly share a story of growth, love, or adventures!

  • Magic Mugs

    Magic Mugs

    Pour hot liquid in your magic mug to unveil a hidden photo collage. Magic mug reveals create exciting photo collage gift ideas.

  • Canvas Prints

    Canvas Prints

    Personalized photo collage prints are an economic way to display the most high-quality prints in the least amount of space.

  • Photo Blankets

    Photo Blankets

    Want the look and sentimental value of a patchwork quilt without having to raise a finger (or a needle)? Order a collage photo blanket!

  • Acrylic Prints

    Acrylic Prints

    Give your photos the Warhol treatment by creating a personalized acrylic collage print. An acrylic print collage will really make your art “pop.”

  • Framed Prints

    Framed Prints

    Framed print collages are an elegant way to display photos in a series. Arrange wedding photos to create a treasured anniversary gift for your favorite couple.

  • Photo Coasters

    Photo Coasters

    The ideal gift for the practical people in your life: Photo collage coasters! Display gorgeous photo collages and protect your woodwork at the same time.

  • Photo Magnet

    Photo Magnet

    Our newest gift idea for friends: Custom photo collage magnets. Remind your friends they are loved with a collage in the most important spot – the fridge!

  • Photo Book

    Photo Book

    Create your own photo collage gift with a personalized photo book. Design a birthday gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Photo Calendar

    Photo Calendar

    Collage your favorite photos from each month to create a versatile photo gift your loved ones will enjoy every day of the new year.

  • Acrylic Photo Blocks

    Acrylic Photo Blocks

    Limited decorating space? Acrylic photo block collages display the maximum amount of photos without taking up much room or losing your security deposit.

  • Metal Prints

    Metal Prints

    Make a photo print that will last with a metal collage print. Metal prints create a stunning, modern format for a collage of your favorite photos.

Photo Collage Gifts as Limitless as Your Imagination

Photo Collage Gifts as Limitless as Your Imagination

When designing those perfect gifts for friends and loved ones, sometimes a single photo doesn’t convey what you want to say. Photo collages are an ideal way to use multiple images to create one-of-a-kind photo collage gifts. Customize pieces that highlight a single subject, build relationships between related photos, or tell a story using a variety of panels. Then print your personalized photo collage as traditional art pieces on canvas, acrylic, or metal.

For a gift that is as practical as it is beautiful, mugs, coasters, and blankets are great choices. CanvasChamp’s easy design tool allows you to arrange three to nine of your best photographs into a layout that will impress everyone on your guest list. Don’t forget to make one for yourself!

A Collage Mug Gift Will Become Someone’s New Favorite

Collage photo mugs are both fun and functional. An ideal gift to brighten someone’s day.

Creating Photo Collage Gifts is as Easy as Drag and Drop!

Creating Photo Collage Gifts is as Easy as Drag and Drop!

CanvasChamp’s design tool helps you effortlessly create photo collage gifts that look like a professional designed them. Decide on a shape, then choose two to four photos to fill that space. Templates take the guesswork out of sizing and placement. Channel your inner graphic designer today!

Photo Collage Gifts in Just a Few Clicks

Choose layout of your choice
Choose frames of your choice
Bring the past into the future with photo collage prints

Bring the past into the future with photo collage prints

Photo collage prints are an extraordinary format for juxtaposition between the past and present. Whether it’s a coming-of-age story, a flourishing romance, or memories of a life well-lived, collage prints allow you to tell a fascinating, detailed story in just a glance.

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