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Personalised Wall Clock
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    Keep a tab on the hours in style when you order custom wall clocks from us. Visit our site to personalise a wall clock with your favourite quotes, photos and graphics.

    If you like to keep it simple but can’t get an idea? We have your back. Find inspiration from our designs to suit your preference and living space.

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    Personalised Photo Clocks

    Personalised Photo Clocks

    The custom wall clocks at CanvasChamps are available in various styles like round, heart-shaped and square-shaped. You can choose any type which aligns with your residential or commercial space. The best part about these clocks is that they are perfect for all occasions.

    Irrespective of the shape and size one chooses for personalised photo clocks; you can avail a metal hardware kit that makes the installation process seamless. Moreover, all the shapes can accommodate different photos, from portrait to group photos.

    How to Design Your Custom Wall Clock

    Tips to Design Your Unique Picture on Wall Clocks

    Thanks to our incredible design tool on the website, you can do everything online with a click of a button. And designing unique picture clocks is no different. From choosing the shape to the size, you can do everything online from our straightforward design tool at CanvasChamp.

    All you need to do is click on the photos from your phone and upload them to the site’s tool. Then, you can go through the step-by-step guide and learn more about the designing process.

    Unique Ideas to Get Going With Custom Wall Clock

    Unique Ideas to Get Going With Custom Wall Clock

    If you want a unique custom wall clock for your kids, you can design one for them from us and include their favourite sports team player or cartoon characters. Likewise, you can easily make one clock for your kitchen, portraying your passion for cooking.

    If you are at the office all day, then you can upload a picture from your recent family vacation and keep your loved ones in your memories. The different clocks can easily accommodate graphics, texts, and photographs. Looking for a perfect way to propose for Valentine? Then you need to look no further as the heart-shaped custom wall clock has your back.

    When it comes to designing a custom wall clock, there are endless possibilities. You can think of what you want to see in front of you and implement the design with our design tool.