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Custom decals for walls! Turn your wall into a masterpiece
It's the latest way to add creativity, fun, and beauty to your home, office, or school with our custom wall decals, stickers & graphics.
So it's easy for you to install and repositionable.
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Items 49 to 60 of 156 total

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  • Peel & Stick Info
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Turn Heads With Our Impressive Peel And Stick Wall Decals!

If you want your home’s interior to be the centre of attention and make people go gaga, then get our peel and stick wall decals. Our peel and stick wall art brings your imagination to life by adding a touch of creativity to your walls and making them look unique at the same time. Our peel and stick wall decals are extremely easy-to-stick and peel off without causing any trouble.

What’s more is that these wall decals will not damage your wall paint, leaving your home looking as good as new even when you peel them off. The wall decals and murals at CanvasChamp can also be applied to windows to enhance the look of the house and to reduce glare, making the indoors much cooler. So, let your imagination run wild with our peel and stick wall murals.

Style Your Space Without Damaging Your Walls

The biggest problem that people face with peel and stick decals and murals is that they end up destroying the surface that they are applied to. However, at CanvasChamp, we offer high-quality wall decals and murals that are a breeze to peel, stick, and re-stick. You can easily stick them on walls without leaving any residue on the surface. Unlike other low-quality wall decal providers, we only make use of the latest technology to create these decals that do not contain glue.

Fully Customisable Peel And Stick Wall Art For An Eye-Catching Look!

Our wall decals and murals can be customized based upon your desires. Whether you want to get inspirational quotes printed for your room or want to decorate your space, we offer complete flexibility in the design process. You can choose from a variety of sizes including smaller ones that are about 8 x 10 inches or the larger ones of 20 x 20-feet to cover entire walls. If you want to make your wall decals and murals much more attractive and unique, then go for our kiss-cut option that allows you to customize your decals into any shape you desire.

Introducing Our Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Familiarize yourself with our peel and stick wall decals because once you do—we say this with full confidence—you will never go back to using traditional and overused methods of advertising your products and services. We bet you want a solution to outdo them all, and this is it! Come on and let us introduce you to our peel and stick wall decals:

  • Thickness

    Our wall decals are 0.13 in thickness. Take three sheet of copy paper, put them together, and you have an idea of their thickness.

  • Characteristics

    They are low-tack, opaque white, easy to install, and repositionable.

  • Uses

    You can put them indoors, at home, on your office walls, and your retail store.

  • Different Methods of Printing

    You can use the eco-friendly, four color process, weather, abrasion, and fade resistant UV ink printing method.

  • Lifespan

    With proper care and placement, you can use the walls decals for five or more years.

  • Common Sizes

    We offer a full range of sizes for our peel and stick wall decals – from small decals to 8- x 10-inch decals to entire wall coverings of 20- x 20-feet. Canvas Champ also has the ability to perform a “kiss cut” – a special die cut that allows decals to be cut to any shape.

    You can place an order for a 3’x5’, 2’x2’, 24”x12”, and 12”x12.”

    Use the opportunity to gain exposure for your business or use it to add a unique twist to your bedroom using our high quality and extremely durable peel and stick wall decals.

Easy-to-Install Wall Decals

Our wall decals offer maximum convenience due to their easy peel and stick properties. In order to apply these impressive wall murals, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Peel off the decal
  • Stick it to the desired surface
  • Make adjustments to the position

These peel and stick wall murals are extremely high quality, so even if you reposition them multiple times, their stick won’t go away and they will remain unharmed.

customize your wall decals and murals to turn any space into a visual masterpiece!

Steps to Install:

  • Remove dirt and residue from the wall using water and mild soap.
  • Ensure the wall decal and the area is at room temperature.
  • Place on a smooth area, beginning from the top edge and moving down.
  • Remove the backing while placing the wall decal on the area.

Steps to Care:

  • Wipe the wall decals using a damp cloth, without wetting its adhesive side.
  • Peel the wall decals off the area to store them for later use, storing them at room temperature.
  • Never roll the wall decals too tightly, do not place heavy objects on them, and avoid handling them too roughly.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We give you all this at the lowest price in the industry. If there is better a better published price, we will not only match it, and we’ll give you an additional 10 percent off the price of your order. It’s easy to see why our customers “stick” with Canvas Champ.

Product Specifications

1. What materials do we use to make our wall decals?

We use a flexible and a thin vinyl material to produce our wall decals. On the back of the vinyl, we put low-tack adhesive backing to allow you to place and remove it from your walls.

2. What is the difference between wall decals and wall stickers? Or are they the same?

Wall decals and wall sticks are not the same thing because unlike wall decals, wall stickers are not reusable.

3. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of our custom wall decals?

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of our custom wall decals?

4. Does the number of colors or design increase the price of wall decals?

No. The price of the wall decal will not be increased due to the design or the number of colors you choose. The main decider of the price is size and quantity.

5. What are our standard sizes?

We mostly offer custom-made services, but we do have standard sizes (3’x5’, 2’x2’, 24”x12”, and 12”x12”).

6. What is the average lifespan of our wall decals?

Wall decals can last up to five or more years, depending on how well you care for them.

7. Can we produce any other shape of wall decal besides square or rectangular?

Yes. You can request us to create any shape you have in mind.

8. Are our wall decals the same as the vinyl letters?

No. Wall graphics are repositionable, but vinyl lettering is not. Vinyl lettering comes individually whereas wall decals come as a whole.

9. What is the default or standard color of the material used to create the wall decals?

The default color of our wall decals is white.

10. Are you required to use one of our templates for your wall decals?

No. You have the choice to use one of our several templates, but you can design your own.

11. Do the adhesive we use make our wall decals toxic?

No. We do not use any solvents. The low-tack adhesive we use for the backing of our wall decals is a water-based adhesive. Even though our adhesive is not toxic, we do not advise pet, children, or anyone to inhale or accidently eat part of the wall decal.

11. Do the adhesive we use make our wall decals toxic?

No. We do not use any solvents. The low-tack adhesive we use for the backing of our wall decals is a water-based adhesive. Even though our adhesive is not toxic, we do not advise pet, children, or anyone to inhale or accidently eat part of the wall decal.

12. Can you write on the wall decals using a dry erase marker?

No. Writing on our wall decals will leave stains behind and you will not be able to clean them off without leaving residual stains. However, we can provide you with wall decals that you can write so contact us for more information.

13. What type of finish do we give our wall decals, glossy or matte?

All our wall decals are given a matte finish to prevent them from being shiny. Additionally, the printed design will be a satin, vibrant, and smooth finish.

14. Do we give our wall decals a laminate covering?

No. We print your chosen design directly onto the vinyl material. You will not need to laminate the wall decal because we use UV ink that fade, scratch, and abrasion resistant.


1. Will our wall decals damage the surface it is applied?

No. Our wall decals will not damage the walls of your store or business. The installing and peeling process of the wall decal will not peel off paint.

2. Can you use our wall decals on any surface or just exterior surfaces and walls?

Our wall decals are designed to be used on only interior surfaces and using it on exterior surfaces will result in damage. You can place our wall decals on the following interior surfaces, glass, smooth metal, finished wood, painted drywall, and plastic. Our wall decals will not stick to uneven, extremely porous, and unsmooth surfaces (brick, concrete, stucco, etc).

3. Can you apply our wall decals on top of wallpapers?

Yes and No. Even though you can apply our wall decals on top of wallpapers, but we do not recommend it, as it can peel away the wallpaper when removed.

4. Will our wall decal work with all types of paint?

Our wall decals work great with oil based, matte finish, and latex paint, but not on textured and gloss paint.

5. Can you apply our wall decals to a wall you have painted recently?

Apply the wall decal to the surface after the paint has completely dried (wait two to three week before applying the wall decal).

6. Can you peel away the wall decal and store it for later use?

Yes. The main reason we use low-tack adhesive is that we wanted to make it easier for you to reuse and store it, without tearing it. If you are storing it, use the package the wall decal came in.

7. How long can you store your wall decal?

You can store our wall decal for over a year. Store it at room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50 percent humidity).

8. What is the ideal method for removing the wall decal?

Select a corner and peel it away from the surface. If your wall decal is a contour cut, peel it off carefully. If the wall decal has been in one place for a long time, use a blow dryer to take it off.

9. What are the usual uses of wall decals?

You can use them in your home to decorate the walls of a certain room or use it at your business for promotional purposes.

10. Does the atmosphere of the environment the wall decal is placed inside matter?

Yes. You want to place them in an environment that is dry and cool. Placing them in a wet, cold, and humid environment can make the wall decal loose it adhesive properties.

Installation and Care

1. How do you install the wall decal?

Clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild soap, wait for it to dry, and then apply your wall decal on it. Remember only to apply it on smooth and non-porous surfaces. Do not spray the adhesive side of the wall decal with water.

2. How should you store the wall decal?

Place it back in the original backing the wall decal came in to store it and ensure that you place it at room temperature. Extreme cold and heat, dust, and humidity will negatively affect the durability of the wall decal.

3. Do you need to clean your wall decals?

You can clean the non-adhesive side of the wall decal every day using a clean, damp cloth.

If you have any other questions regarding our peel and stick wall decals, please feel free to contact us.

Ask about Peel and Stick Wall Decals and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Q: Are custom decals cut down to the contours of the designs and ready to apply, or do I need to cut them once I receive them? I'm interested in designing my own wall decals to sell at craft shows, and don't have time to cut them out.If they are already cut, is there a white border around the design? If so, how wide is the border?

A: We can do both kinds of wall decals, the plain ones and also the die cut. You only have to mention the requirements of your order while placing it and we will do a follow up on it and deliver the product exactly the way you want. So if want the design to be cut according to the shape then we will convey it like that. The width of the border would also be according to what you wish. Our designers will send you a proof of your order before placing it in production. If there is any more query you can email us at cs@canvaschamp.co.uk I hope this helps.

Is this question useful?

Q: is there a way for me to preview the size I am ordering if I don't know what size will fit my wall?

A: Unfortunately, you would not be able to get a preview of a peel and stick order on the website. But you can always send your file to us at cs@canvaschamp.co.uk and ask our designers to recommend a size and send you a proof.

Is this question useful?

Q: Am I able to upload my own design and get the design cut out (meaning no background?) The graphic has an image and lettering.

A: Sure you can . Just put in the request at the check out page for our designers and they will get back to you with cut out proofs. This service is absolutely free for customers.

Is this question useful?

Q: Where can I find pricing information for your custom peel and stick wall decals?

A: You can go to our peel and stick page and click on the "create your own " tab. Upload your artwork file and proceed further. You will see the pricing information after that page. And if you face any problem, you can mail us at cs@canvaschamp.co.uk.

Is this question useful?

Q: How many times can I reuse peel and stick?

A: It can be reused multiple times if used carefully.

Is this question useful?

Q: How long does your quality guarantee stay?

A: We have complete faith in our products, to the extent that we are proud of them. Any errors in material, design or printing will be fully refunded or re-produced and shipped with no additional cost to you. WE WANT YOU TO LOVE THE PRODUCT YOU GET, NOT JUST LIKE IT. However the quality guarantee stays up till 90 days!

Is this question useful?

Q: What is the best procedure to mount a peel and stick on the wall?

A: The best way to have the perfect peel and stick mounting is to firstly clean the surface where it is suppose to go with a mixture of soap and water. Post that, with ease and patience you can stick the sticker on it. We also provide a detailed installation guide with our peel and stick orders.

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Q: What the largest size available for peel and stick wall decal?

A: The maximum size we can offer for the Peel and Stick is 48 in x 1000 in (Single piece). You can order in any size, we will split the sticker on every 48" for pasting convenience.

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Q: What is the material used for peel and stick wall decals?

A: The Peel and Stick print is printed on a specially engineered white material that comes with an adhesive glue on the backside which does not leave any residue upon removal.It can be reused multiple times if used carefully.

Is this question useful?

Q: I am looking for a very specific pattern for my son's bedroom, I'd like to do a wall border decal. Is that possible to do?

A: Hello Kerri , Sure , It is possible . Please send us a email with the request and we will have your personal designer run you through . Thanks

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